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No. There never was a Western Field company. That was a trade name owned by Montgomery Wards and the guns were made by a variety of manufacturers including Stevens/Savage, Winchester, Mossberg, and others.

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Q: Do they still make Western Field 12 gauge shotguns?
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Are 16 gauge shotguns still made?

One might recognize the two names Browning and Remington. They still make 16 gauge shotguns, as do a few other manufacturers.

Is the 16 gauge shotgun still made?

The answer to your question is Yes! 16gauge shotguns and shotshells are still made.

Where can you buy a Western Arms 12 gauge shotgun?

There are currently (12-29-07) several western arms Ithaca 12 ga. shotguns listed on Gunbroker. The price ranges are $895 - $925. My grandfather left me his when he passed. It was made in 1936 and is still to this day the best shooting shotgun I own.

When did they stop making side by side shotguns?

Side-by-side shotguns are still manufactured.

Does Sears Roebuck still sell shotguns?

no they do not

Are browning shotguns still belgian made?

The FN Custom Shop is still making High Grade Over/Under Shotguns. Contact Browning for details

Are shotguns primary in modern warfare 3?

no they are still secondarys

Are Ithaca shotguns being made still?

Yfes, the company has reorganized after bankruptcy a few years ago, is now in Ohio. They manufacture a first-class Model37 pump in several configurations, in 20 and 12 gauge. The shotguns are all American-made, with fine machine work and very good quality. Worth a look.

What years were the Western Field M550AL made for Montgomery Wards?

Your westernfield model 550Al was made by mossberg for the montgomery wards co.(westernfield).These shotguns are still being made and are quite popular.I would check at mossberg,s site.The model designation for your wards shotgun made by mossberg is the mossberg model 500.

How do you adjust the trigger pull of your western field shotgun?

The only way is to replace the whole trigger but it will still have a hair trigger

What caliber is an American Gun Company double barrel shotgun with a number 5511 on all parts smaller than 20 gauge bigger than 20 gauge and where can you get parts for it?

Parts for an American Gun Company shotgun will only be found as part of another shotgun. Haunt the local gunshows for one that is being parted-out. As for the gauge (not caliber), did you mean "bigger than a 410"? There have been 24, 28, and 32 gauge shotguns made. Of these, only the 28 is still available in the US, but I believe 32 gauge shells may still be commercially loaded in Europe.

When did they stop making bolt action shotguns?

They are still being made

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