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Only mammals have periods. Turtles are reptiles and reproduce by laying eggs. Therefore, no periods. Turtles don't even have wombs, since their embyoes develop in the egg, outside of the mother's body, usually buried in the ground.

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Q: Do turtles have periods
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Do turtles menstruate?

Only mammals have periods. Turtles are reptiles and reproduce by laying eggs. Therefore, no periods. Turtles don't even have wombs, since their embyoes develop in the egg, outside of the mother's body, usually buried in the ground.

Can turtles breath underwater?

Turtles actually do not breathe underwater through their lungs. Instead, turtles have the capacity to hold their breath for extended periods of time.

Do sea turtles breathe air or water?

Turtles have lungs, so they breathe air. They can hold their breath under water for long periods of time.

Can turtles stay under water for long periods of time?

Turtles have to go to the surface of water to breathe so if they get caught in underwater fishing nets they will drown.

Do turtles breathe oxygen?

Turtles do indeed breath oxygen. They are able to hold their breath for extended periods while either hiding or search for food under water.

How do red eared slider turtles breathe under water?

Most turtles slow down their breathing and hold their breath and they can hold their breath for longs periods of time.

Are red painted turtles great swimmers?

Red painted turtles are very good at swimming. Although they may not be super-fast, they can swim for long periods of time and know their way around. In fact, most turtles are good swimmers.

Could sea turtles survive in freshwater?

When in captivity, sea turtles should be maintained in water with a salinity level falling within a range of that of normal, natural, incoming seawater. Short periods of holding sea turtles in fresh water can be tolerated and are useful when prescribed by a veterinarian, e.g., to remove parasites and fouling epibiota such as barnacles. However, prolonged periods in fresh water should not be encouraged. Sea turtles are meant for life in the sea, so they do best in an environment with a similar salinity.

What are some different types of turtles?

Snapping Turtles, Redeared Turtles, yellowtail turtles, cottontail turtles, flying turtles, big turtles, small turtles, black turtles, purpletoe turtles, amazon turtles, African turtles, Big penis turtles, aquarium turtles, grizzly turtles, m4 carbine turtles, rabid turtles, edible turtles, swimming turtles, alien turtles. That's all the turtles in the world, the rest are unknown (to me) or extinct. LOL

How does a slow metabolic rate help a turtle?

Having a slow metabolic rate helps turtles by allowing them to stay under water for longer periods of time. The slower metabolic rate also allows turtles to require less frequent feedings.

Are bog turtles land turtles?

Bog turtles are land turtles and land turtles. They are mostly land turtles.

How do large sea turtles defend themselves?

Adult sea turtles do not have many predators. However, they are prey for a number of species of sharks. The shell of the sea turtle provides protection, even though sea turtles cannot pull their heads or fins inside their shell like other species. Sea turtles can also remain underwater for long periods of time, thereby fending off attacks from land animals.

Types of turtles?

sea turtles painted turtles snapping turtles

Are hawksbill turtles snapping turtles?

no, hawksbill turtles are sea turtles

Are turtles slow?

The term "Slow" is based on your perspective. From our perspective, turtles are slow because they move slower than we do and, indeed, even slower than other things their size. This is only true, however, on land. In the water they are actually very fast. For instance, a green turtle in the sea can reach nearly 20mph. So, the belief that turtles are slow is based on the perspective of a land creature, which turtles are for only brief periods of their life.

Do girl turtles have tails?

Not all turtles have tails.Box turtles and snapping turtles do. But yes female turtles do have tails.

How are sea turtles differ from turtles?

Sea turtles are simply turtles that lives in the ocean.

How do terrapin turtles relate to the ninja turtles?

they are turtles

Are stink pot turtles and painted turtles the same?

no, stinpots are musk turtles not painted turtles

Will large turtles eat smaller turtles?

Yes, many turtles, especially the carnivorous species such as snapping turtles, will eat smaller turtles.

What are the most common turtles?

Painted turtles and snapping turtles

Are box turtles land or water turtles?

Land turtles.

Can Big turtles live with Small Turtles?

Yes. Large turtles can get on with smaller turtles like they were the same size :)

Do sea turtles or land turtles have sronger shells?

sea turtles

What are star turtles?

Star Turtles are turtles with star like shell

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