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Yes. Some vegans do eat non-organic food. The main concern of vegans is that they do not eat any animal by-products, such as meat, eggs, dairy, etc.

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Some vegans eat organic, some do not.

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Q: Do vegans only eat organic products?
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Can vegans eat organic whole milk powder?

Vegans do not consume any animal products. As such a vegan would not consume organic whole milk powder.

Who are people that only eat foods such as grain products and peas?

Vegans will not eat or use any animal products.

Are eggs vegan?

No. Vegans do not eat any animal products, which eggs are.

Can vegans eat vegetarian burgers?

Yes, providing there is no egg or dairy products in the ingredients. Vegans will not consume ANY animal products. So if the burger really is animal-free a Vegan may decide to eat it.

You don't eat animals?

Vegetarians don't eat animals. Vegans don't eat or use animal products.

What is a non seafood eater called?

If they only eat meat and nothing else, they're considered meatatarians. If they only eat vegetables and animal products, they're vegetarians. If they only eat vegetables and fruits, that are usually raw, they're vegans.

Do vegans eat cheese?

No. Vegetarians do not eat any animals, including fish and birds.

Do vegans eat tuna?

Vegans don't eat any fish.

Do vegans eat guaya paste?

Yes, vegans eat guaya paste.

What do vegans eat with meat in?

vegans do not eat no meat because it comes from an animal

What is a vegetarian who does not even eat dairy product known as?

Some vegetarians eat no dairy products, but they eat eggs. They're often called ovo-vegetarians. Vegetarians who eat no animal products at all are called vegans.

Are you allowed to drink milk if you're a vegetarian?

Some vegetarians drink milk. Vegans, who eat no animal products, do not.