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  1. Yes they can but some of them don't and that is if your going way extreme but i would stick with dairy its an important part of your diet and so is meat but i respect your choices

To expand on the previous response: Generally speaking, a vegetarian is someone who does not consume meat/fish/fowl. In some cases, a "vegetarian" may also avoid any foods derived from animals (e.g. eggs, milk) and those folks are called "vegan".

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Can vegetarians eat dairy?

Yes, vegetarians can eat dairy products. Vegetarians who also don't eat any dairy products are called "vegan."

What is a vegetarian who does not even eat dairy product known as?

Some vegetarians eat no dairy products, but they eat eggs. They're often called ovo-vegetarians. Vegetarians who eat no animal products at all are called vegans.

Why some people who are not vegetarian do not eat dairy products?

They are vegan. Vegan means that you do not eat dairy products. Some vegetarians don't eat dairy products and therefore vegan.

What types of vegertarians are there?

Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy, but don't eggs or other animal products. Ovo-vegetarians eat egg products, but don't eat dairy or other animal products. Ovo-lacto vegetarians eat dairy and eggs but nothing else that comes from an animal. Pure vegetarians/vegans eat nothing that comes from an animal, dead or alive.

Do vegetarians drink dairy products?

Yes people who are vegitarians do drink dairy products but its a vegan that doesnt drink or eat dairy and eat no meat

Do Asian vegetarians eat dairy products?

Indians use a lot of dairy products.The Chinese and Japanese traditionally don't eat dairy products but as they are joining the modern world, they do nowadays.

Do lacto-vegetarians limit their dairy intake?

Lacto vegetarians eat dairy products. I have seen some lacto vegetarians binge on ice cream! (not recommended)

Can vegetarians eat cookies?

Vegetarians can eat cookies.It is just vegans that can't eat some cookies because they have dairy products and eggs in them.

Can vegetarians eat smoked salmon?

Vegetarians can eat smoked salmon and they will still be a vegetarian. There are different types of vegetarians for example vegan vegetarians which eat nothing that comes from a animal and no dairy products.

Can ovo vegetarians eat cake?

Yes, if the cake didn't include dairy products.

What lacto ovo vegetarians eat?

Vegetables, dairy products and eggs. No dead animals.

Why are vegetables suitable for vegetarians?

Well, a vegetarian does not eat meat so he/she must eat vegetables! Can't only eat eggs or dairy products; and many vegetarians don't eat any animal products at all.

Why don't vegetarians eat eggs?

There are many kinds of vegetarians. Some eat eggs and dairy products. Those types of vegetarians are known as "Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians." There are also vegetarians, known as vegans, who eat no animal products, whatsoever, including eggs, dairy, and honey. Many vegetarians give up eggs because of the known suffering that exists within the egg industry, and some vegetarians give up eggs for health reasons.

What do vegetarians eat instead of dairy products?

It depends on the degree of being a vegetarian. Some vegetarians do eat dairy and eggs, others use soya products as milk and oils from plants (in margarine). Depending on the diet calcium and phosphorous supplements may be requires

What qualifies a vegetarian?

Someone who eats no meat or fish. Vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs.

Do vegetarian's eat eggs and dairy?

Yes, most of them do. Vegetarians do not eat meat, but they do eat animal products such as eggs, milk and cheese.

What protein can a vegetarian eat?

beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds Some vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products.

You used to take egg in pastries cakes are you a vegetarian?

Vegetarians don't eat meat. Vegans dont eat eggs, dairy products, and anything else that comes from animals.More information:There are many varieties of vegetarian practices. "Lacto-Ovo" vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products.

What are Lacto-ovo vegetarians?

Lacto-ovo vegetarians don't eat any flesh (animals of any kind); however, they do eat dairy products and eggs which are animal byproducts. Strict vegetarians, also known as vegans, do not eat dairy or eggs or any kind of meat product.

Why is it especially important that vegetarians eat a varied diet?

For vegetarians get all their nutrients from plants and dairy products. Unlike vegetarians, the non-vegetarians get a lot of nutrients from the meat. Hence the vegetarians are supposed to have a more balanced diet.

Can vegetarians eat spinach Alfredo pizza?

A lacto-ovo vegetarian can eat a spinach alfredo pizza. Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs (hence, "lacto-ovo").Strict vegetarians (vegans) will not eat Alfredo sauce or cheese.

Is casein suitable for vegetarians?

Only for lacto-vegetarians, as casein comes from dairy products.

What foods does a vegetarian not eat?

Vegetarians do not eat the flesh of animals, including mammals, birds, and fish. Many vegetarians (strict vegetarians or vegans) do not eat anything that comes from an animal including eggs, milk and other dairy products, gelatin, and honey.

What should you eat if you're a vegetarian?

Food derived from plants and not from animals. Many vegetarians also eat foods that do not require slaughter of an animal such as dairy products, eggs and honey, but many vegetarians don't eat those foods. Be sure to get enough protein--you can get it from dairy products, eggs, nuts and seeds, whole grains and beans. A common nutritional error for vegetarians (and non-vegetarians) is eating too many refined carbohydrates.

Are Bonbons vegetarian?

bon bons are ovo-lacto-vegetarian friendly (for vegetarians who eat dairy products and eggs)

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