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Do victims of abuse fully recover after an abusive relationship?

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2006-08-29 05:58:23

Recovery takes time, and a full recovery may require

counselling, too. In principle, a full psychological recovery is

possible. Obviously, key factors include the extent and nature of

the damage, and also what you do after you have emerged from the

abuse. I hope that others will add their thoughts and advice. The

above poster is correct. I volunteer at an Abused Women's Center

and I know that the statistics of women not reporting abuse is

90%!!!! They are fearful and terrified for their lives in many

cases the abuser will even use the children (if any) to keep the

victim under control. I won't lie to the fact that badly abused

women (or men) never get over the side effects of abuse 100%, but,

if they seek counseling and are determined to have a better life

their future is greatly brightened. I have to friends who were

abused (one sexually from her father and another beaten to a pulp,

stabbed twice and left to die.) Society sometimes thinks that

people who stay with abusive mates are weak, but they are not. In

fact, I'm honored to be in the presence of these women and listen

to their stories. If some fail to leave the abusive relationship

it's mainly because they have been badly brain-washed into thinking

they will never survive out in society (a lie the abuser tells

their spouse for ensured control of their victim.) For those women

that fight back and go for counseling they are the lucky ones.

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