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Do victims of abuse fully recover after an abusive relationship?

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Recovery takes time, and a full recovery may require counselling, too. In principle, a full psychological recovery is possible. Obviously, key factors include the extent and nature of the damage, and also what you do after you have emerged from the abuse. I hope that others will add their thoughts and advice. The above poster is correct. I volunteer at an Abused Women's Center and I know that the statistics of women not reporting abuse is 90%!!!! They are fearful and terrified for their lives in many cases the abuser will even use the children (if any) to keep the victim under control. I won't lie to the fact that badly abused women (or men) never get over the side effects of abuse 100%, but, if they seek counseling and are determined to have a better life their future is greatly brightened. I have to friends who were abused (one sexually from her father and another beaten to a pulp, stabbed twice and left to die.) Society sometimes thinks that people who stay with abusive mates are weak, but they are not. In fact, I'm honored to be in the presence of these women and listen to their stories. If some fail to leave the abusive relationship it's mainly because they have been badly brain-washed into thinking they will never survive out in society (a lie the abuser tells their spouse for ensured control of their victim.) For those women that fight back and go for counseling they are the lucky ones.

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How many victims die of relationship abuse?

About 80,000 people die of relationship abuse a year.

What is the Percent of abusive relationships in Iowa?

It is impossible to have specific percentages of abusive relationships in Iowa because many victims will not report the abuse.

What are abusive relationships?

Well, refer to the name, a relationship, that involves abuse. It can be towards the male or female, if you are in an abusive relationship, leave the person and/or call the police or abuse hotline..idk it though

How many people stay in a abusive relationship every year?

I don't know a lot about the exact percentage, but think about it. Abusive consists of physically and verbally. I have been in an abusive relationship, and it took me over a year to get out of it. He wouldn't let me break up with him, he threatened to kill himself and he constantly yelled and threatened me. Imagine every other relationship.

Does an abusive husband or partner think that the abuse will bring them closer in the relationship?

Abusers associate love and intimacy with abusive conduct. Some of them think that abuse is proof of interest and emotional closeness!

How does one deal with the anger they feel after an abusive relationship ends?

Victims of abuse suffer from many conflicting negative emotions: helplessnes, rage, self-chastisement, guilt, and so on. There are such a wave of emotions that an abuse victim go through after the relationship ends. For myself personally, being a believer in Christ, He bore the emotions I sustained and surpressed during my abusive relationship. I honestly don't know how I could have gotten through those emotions otherwise.

Will I be in an abusive relationship if I chose to be single forever?

No, you won't be in an abusive relationship, if you chose to be single forever (meaning the walking on eggshells, fighting and arguing, physical and verbal abuse, etc. has been foiled and it won't happen).

Why would a person be in an abusive relationship?

Answer: Because abuse is about control. The victim is in the relationship because they feel an emotional connection to the abuser and they have been "trained" to think that it's the victims fault. Answer: Most people don't have any idea that that's the kind of relationship they just got in or some people are really despereat

What percent of child abusers were victims of abuse?

About 10%, or perhaps as many as 40%, of abusive parents were themselves physically abused as children, but most abused children do not grow up to be abusive parents.

When you are bipolar does that make you abusive?

It could. But not every Bipolar person is abusive. It should however, never be an excuse for abuse. A person who is abusive Bipolar or not, is wrong in what they are doing. Seek help if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship/situation.

Why should women get out of abusive relationships?

Women should get out of an abusive relationship because it may escalate from emotional abuse to physical or sexual abuse, sometimes even murder. No one deserves to be abused and to stay in an abusive relationship is not worth it. If you are being abused, please leave and find help, especially if you have children, you need to protect them too.

Does an abusive man continue to abuse in every relationship then on after when hes been dumped?

Yes, it is usually the case that men who abuse one partner will abuse subsequent partners as well.

Cause abusive relationship?

Jealousy is the most common cause, because it leads to obsesiveness, which leads to the abuse.

How do you leave your abusive husband when you have four young children?

Please look in your yellow pages or online for a local shelter for abuse victims. You can also call your local police's non emergency number and ask for information on shelters or organizations that help out abuse victims.

How long does it typically take a victim to finally realize their in abusive relationship?

the typically part depends on the frequency of the abuse.

Should i stay with my long term boyfriend whom we have a daughter together when he's virbally abusive to me?

No because abuse is abuse so get out of the relationship b4 it gets worse.

Would children abuse their own children if they were abused?

Not all victims of abuse become abusers. Not all abusers were victims first. But dysfunctional behavior does tend to pass from parents to children, so being a victim does increase the chances that abusive behavior will re-occur. ("I'm only doing what my father did to me!") This is one reason that victims of abuse need to "come out" about the abuse and seek the help of counselors, self-help and support groups, etc.

What is abusive relationship?

An abusive relationship has a broad meaning, it could be physical, mental, or emotional. And it can be all three. Physical abuse is when someone hits you and it is visable to the eyes. Mental and emotional abuse is harder to detect and sometimes you don't even realize it until it has zapped you of you energy and your self-esteem. I have lived in an emotional and mental abusive relationship for 21 years so I know the signs. Trying to get out of such a relationship is harder because the abuser tries to make you think you are the crazy one. I have tried on a number of occasions to leave the relationship only to get sucked in by his promises of change. I hope you are not in an abusive relationship and if you are you run and never look back.

If your husband is being abusive and you tell him that you're going to kill him if he doesn't let go are you being abusive?

People tend to say things in anger. Since your husband is abusive you should consider going to a Woman's Abuse House to find help and learn tools to cope. No one has the right to abuse the other. Your relationship is toxic and you are in control of your life and not your husband. To tell him you are going to kill him is a serious accusation and when you get to this point it's time for you to leave this abusive relationship.

If you are in an abusive relationship can your therapist report it?

My understanding is that it is protected under your confidentiality agreement. A therapist would not go to the authorities without your consent. But that might be something that you should consider. Abusive relationships are unhealthy, and by submitting to the other person's abuse you are only enabling him to abuse you further.

When can physical abuse be diagnosed?

Children who are victims of domestic violence frequently are injured attempting to protect their mother from an abusive partner. Injuries are visible by inspection or self-report. Physical abuse of an adult may also be evident by inspection

What are the reasons which make women be victims of abusive relationship?

money is the root of all causes some of them lives but some stay by their side because many of them has shown experimentaly that abuse is part of ther lives they are addicted to it.thak you the state short my words are over.

Did Bing Crosby abuse his children?

Three of his children have stated VERY publicly that Bing was a physically and emotionally abusive father, one admits to the use of corporal punishment but denies it was abusive. Hard to say: some people exaggerate their stories in order to get publicity, and some abuse victims deny their victimhood. You can take your pick.

Will a verbal abusive woman continue to abuse in each relationship?

Generally a verbally abusive woman has control issues and she will carry them into most relationships. However, there are a few women that are verbally abusive to one or more men, but may meet a man that she is not verbally abusive to as they are better suited for each other.

What if you are a friend or witness of an abusive relationship?

seek help for your friend before it is to late. and you will regret it abuse can turn into murder be a friend seek help