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Whales live in all the oceans of the world.

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Q: Do whales live in the north sea?
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Do killer whales live in deep sea?

Killer whales live all over the sea but the most popular part is the deep sea.

What environment do humpback whales live in?

they live in the sea

Do orcas live in the North Sea?

Yes orca's (killer whales) do live in the north sea i now this because they like to live in coastal water. and also a friend of mine has seen while he was out surfinghope this helpedSophia 12

How do whales find shelter?

The whales do not need shelters like the human beings. They dive and live in deep sea. They live beneath the sea on the bedrock of the sea.

How do whales live in Antarctica where there is no water?

All whales on earth live in the sea, in sea water. Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean full of sea water.

Do whales live in red sea?


Do whales live in China?

No, but they do live in the sea around China.

What coutry do killer whales live in?

They don't, they live in the sea.

Are there any blue whales in Poland?

Whales live in the ocean. The only sea coast Poland has is with the Baltic Sea and there are no Blue whales in the Baltic.

How have whales adapted to live in the antarctica?

Whales are sea animals and do not live on the Antarctic continent. Sea water is their natural habitat, so no adaptation is required.

What water do blue whales live in?

sea water

Where do finback whales live?

They are the most common whales in the Mediterranean sea but live deep in all the ocean of the world.

Wales not whales is that correct?

Wales is the name of a country. Whales are creatures that live in the sea.

What kind of birds and whales live in antarctica?

No bird lives in Antarctica. Several types of sea birds breed on Antarctica's beaches, but these animals live at sea. Whales are sea mammals and do not live on Antarctica, which is a continent.

Where do most whales live?

in the north Atlantic and north pacific ocean

Do sperm whales live in all the oceans?

Yes, sperm whales live in all the oceans as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

Where do whales live in the sea?

Most whales live at the bottom of the sea>If they're in the open,a shark is more than happy to find a sleeping pile of meat(whale).

What state do killer whales live in?

north America

What is a homophone for where whales dolphins and sharks live?

sea, see

What are the animals that live in the sea?

whales,damsal fish,seaweeds

What are some sea creatures that live in the ocean?

dolphins and whales

What sea animals live on sea and land?

Harp seals, Walrus and bowhead whales

What type of mammals live in the sea?

Whales and dolphins are mammals living in the sea. Seals and otters live in the sea and on land, but depend on the sea for food.

Do whales live near both poles?

Killer whales live in cooler waters like the North and South Pole.

Where do gray whales spend the summers?

During the summer, most gray whales live in the Bering Sea, the Chukchi Sea, the western Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean.