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Yes, but the difference isn't that much. Most of the extra food you are hungry for during cold weather is to add some weight, not because your are burning more calories. And, people who feel warm in the cold are burning more than people who feel cold. They are using calories to create the warmth they feel.

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Do you burn more calories exercising in heat or cold?

Cold. Your body has to work harder to warm you up, therefore you burn more calories

Do you burn more calories running in cold weather or hot?

in a hot weather you can burn more more calories because of sweating

When you exercise in the cold do you burn more calories?

In theory, yes.

Do you burn fat to keep warm?

You burn calories and some from fat to keep warm. Particularly when it is cold, your body uses more calories.

Do you burn more calories walking in cold weather?

Shivering burns calories, but not enough to cause weight loss.

What are the main benefits of drinking cold water?

One of the main benefits of drinking cold water is that it burns calories. When you drink cold water, your warm body cools off and needs to burn more calories to heat back up again. Therefore, drinking cold water helps burn more calories than drinking room temperature or warm water.

Is wearing more clothes when you exercise burn more calories?

Depends if the clothe is hot it will burn more calories but if its normal clothe it won't burn alot of calories.

Which juices burn more calories?

Juices don't burn calories.

Does water burn calories while your drinking it?

Drinking water does burn calories and drinking an 8-ounce glass of cold water burns 9.25 calories more than drinking room temperature water.

In which exercise you burn more calories?

athletics would be the strong sport to doand you will burn more calories

Does cold temperature make you burn calories?

Yes, exerting yourself in the cold burns more calories than if you were to do the same amount of work in warm or moderate temperatures. Calories are a measure of energy and by that measure also heat. Your body needs to maintain it's temperature in the cold. So when it's cold out, your body not only needs to burn calories for your activity but also to maintain your body temperature.

If you take in more calories than you burn you will what?

If you take in more calories than you burn you will put on weight.

Do you burn more calories sleeping or just being lazy?

Just being lazy burns more calories than sleeping, which is the least amount of activity your body can generally have outside of being in a coma. Your brain burns between 5 and 25% of the total calories you burn in any 24-hour period.

Does weightlifting burn more calories than walking?

In general the answer is yes. Weight Lifting can burn more calories.

How many calories do you burn doing jack hammers?

depends on how many obviously the more you do the more calories you burn

Do you burn more calories with ac on or off?

OFF! -Burn more calories by sweating them out... sorry, but that's the truth.

Will tanning burn calories?

No it will not burn any calories. No more than you would burn laying around anywhere.

Do you burn more calories playing on the computeror watching tv?

You burn more calories playing on the computer than watching TV. Both burn very few calories, though.

How many calories do you burn snowboarding?

It depends how hard and how long you snowboard.. A 150 pound woman will burn approximatly 330 calories in 30 minutes of snowboarding. If you weigh more you will burn more calories if you weigh less you will burn less calories.

How many calories do you burn during foreplay?

That entirely depends on what your foreplay involves. The more you sweat, the more calories you burn.

Does Cheerleading burn more calories than tennis?

No, tennis would burn more calories over the course of an hour.

You burn more calories by running or doing kickboxing?

when you do kickboxing you burn off more calories cause you are more active and moving around.

How many calories do you burn in office?

It totally depends upon individual activities. The more you move from your workstation the more you burn the calories.

Can you burn calories while riding a bicycle?

Oh, sure. Living bodies always burn calories, you can't stop it. And the more you move, the more you burn. And as bike riding involve a fair amount of movement, it can burn plenty of calories.

How many calories can you burn on this treadmill?

How many calories you can burn on the Fitnex T60 Light Commercial Treadmill all depends on how much time you put in. The more time you spend on the machine the more calories you will burn.