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Yes You Need To Have Your Tranmisson Serviced When You Reach The Milage That Is Shown In Your Owners Manual. They Will Install New Fluid, Filter And Gasket. If You Don`t Have An Owners Manual. A Good Transmission Shop Can Give You The Information.

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It reads trans fail safe prog

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Q: Do you ever need to replace transmission fluid on a 2002 BMW 530d?
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How do I remove radio from 2000 BMW 530D SE have found slotted screw behind on/off knob

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No they don't. Its all chain

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The recommended type of coolant for a 2006 BMW 530d is Glysantin G48. You can use other coolants in an emergency, but don't leave them in your car long term.

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The 530d is a BMW 5 series. More information on the car can be found online at the following websites: Vehix, BMW, eBay, Top Gear, What Car, and Gum Tree.

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i think you have to change the evacuation gallery.

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