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Do you get pimples from sugar?

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Generally, it's recognized that acne may be promoted by certain

dietary factors. Dairy products and high glycemic foods may play a

role in aggravating acne.

Some speculatory evidence has suggested that some component of

western lifestyles, possibly diet, might be responsible for higher

rates of acne. An article from the American Medical Association

observed of more than 1000 Pacific islanders living their

traditional lifestyles and found no cases of acne. Given that

similar islanders who adopt western diets do develop a reasonable

percentage of acne, the author's concluded that genetics alone

could not explain the differences observed and that a western,

high-glycemic diet may play a role in promoting acne


Another study from the Journal of the American Academy of

Dermatology found that high milk consumption amongst women was

significantly correlated with acne rates. It's important to realize

that just because two things are related doesn't necessarily mean

that one causes another, however this relationship is still


Clearly, not all individuals who consume high-glycemic diet or a

large number of dairy products suffer from acne. Acne is a complex

condition, contributed to and caused by a number of factors, such

as hormones, stress, genetics and skin type. If you do suffer from

acne, keep a log of what you're eating, and see if changing for a

week does improve your skin.

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