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Do you have the location of the fuel pressure regulator on a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban 4 wheel drive K1500 v8 350 5.7?

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2008-12-17 03:33:17
2008-12-17 03:33:17

Gm shop manual for 1999. Book 2 of 4, page 6-1548 shows it as being mounted on one of the two stainless steel fuel lines coming up into the engine compartment just ahead of a monoblock which fastens the monoblock to the drivers side rear of the engine block. I just looked at mine this afternoon. Looking at your engine from the front of the vehicle you will see the fuel injector assembly at the rear of the intake manifold (behiold the throttle body). Looking past the injector assembly, a little to the right, down the block a little ways (towards the firewall) you will see the SS Monoblock from which the two lines feed fuel to the the injector assembly. On the line closest to the distributor you will find the Fuel Pressure Connection (it will have a black plastic cap on it). NEW ANSWER; He told you where the valve is to hook fuel pressure gauge up.

I think your queston was about Pressure regulator location. You have to remove the

upper half of the intake ( PLENUEM ) and you will see it on the back of the spider Assembley, It's round and has a nipple on it.

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