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Do you have to accept the NADA price if your car is totaled even if it would normally sell for more?


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2008-03-20 17:31:19
2008-03-20 17:31:19

If you can prove to you insurance company that the price you're getting is too low (via classified ads, car lots, etc) go for it. NADA is pretty fair for the most part, however. KBB is too high and edmunds is too low.


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The predominant US spelling would be "totaled." The L is doubled in the UK, being "totalled."

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Normally it's the other way 'round, the supply of a commodity determines the price. I assume if the price were out of line with the supply a lower price would decrease supply and a higher price would increase supply if increasing the supply were possible.

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You can, but totaled means "not worth repairing". You will spend more money repairing a totaled car than you would buying a new one.

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Once a car is totaled it is gone. Usually the insurance company takes the car for them to sell and get some extra money and if it is claimed as a totaled vehicle I would not recommend driving it on the street where you can hurt yourself or someone else.

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