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If you can prove to you insurance company that the price you're getting is too low (via classified ads, car lots, etc) go for it. NADA is pretty fair for the most part, however. KBB is too high and edmunds is too low.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-20 17:31:19
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Q: Do you have to accept the NADA price if your car is totaled even if it would normally sell for more?
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Sounds like it's totaled. Totaled means it would cost more to fix it then it was valued at before it was wrecked. Options: You can accept the money and let them dispose of the vehicle - or - You can accept the money and buy the vehicle back from them for a small amount. Ask them how much. I suppose you could contest how much you think the vehicles worth but you're not going to get over blue book value. If it was wrecked/poor shape before, it's up to them what they think it's worth. Good luck. When an insurance company pays the claim for a totaled vehicle, they then own it and will sell it to a junk yard for its salvage value. If you accept both checks you won't be able to give both companies the car. You could do as suggested above, and buy it back from both companies, but if either finds out, they will prosecute for insurance fraud.

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