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Do you have to be 18 to make a Gmail account?


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18 is not the minimum age to make Gmail. The age defined to make it is 13. You can make if you're greater than 13 years old.


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No, you can make a Gmail account before 18 years too. You can make an account when you are 13 years. The age of making a Gmail account was decided by Google itself.

Yes, you can have an account under 18 years. 18 years and under are allowed but not 13. 13 years and under are not allowed to make the account.

You can go on gmail and make a free account by going on gmail and clicking free account.'

Opening Gmail account is very simple. Type in Gmail in your search engine and follow the instructions to make an account.

You can make a Gmail account for yourself easily. You just have to register using the Gmail information. You have to also agree to the terms and conditions.

You can't, You will have to make a New Gmail Account.

Yes, you can. But you have to make that account a gmail-like account. gmail is a good email site too

Gmail can easily work on your iPhone. You have to add a Gmail account for that. The account can be added by making the credentials right.

Gmail is an account of Google where you manage your mails. It can also used for chatting with google friends. The Gmail account is a place for mailing services.

You can make a Google Account for iPod. You need to download the application for Gmail. This application can cause accounts to be added.

There is no issue if you do not have any existing ID. You can still make a Gmail account. All you need to do if fill your personal details right.

You can open a new Gmail account by clicking on Sign In. This can make you part of Gmail family. You however have to fill some details.

You can make a Gmail account easily. The fact that it is the most popular mailing service. It is why the signup procedure is very simple.

You have to attain a minimum age to make a Gmail. The age of creation of Gmail is 13 years. You can easily create a account after that.

First you have to make on gmail. After making the account you can open use it for Google and mailing services.

you can create a gmail account legally at the age of 18

You get a Google Plus Account when you either have a Gmail account or a YouTube Channel. They are supposed to be linked. If you want different accounts then you have to either delete your Google + account and make a new one or Gmail Account .

No, Gmail is an email company. You can make a Gmail Account @ Click "Create An Account" (bottom right/under the sign in stuff) Hope this helped! :)

You can see the Gmail messenger inside the Gmail account. You have to be a part of Gmail to see it. To be able to see it, you have to enter your details.

You can personalize your gmail account in any way you want. You can add themes to make it interesting. Labels can also be added to make it look cleaner.

You can make a call from gmail account. This however costs you credits or money. This could also require internet connection to work.

No, you cannot do that in Gmail. A Gmail account belongs to one person. It cannot be assigned to multiple people.

I have a Gmail account and i did'nt have to pay for it. just create a account on google..because if you have google you have Gmail!!

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