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Do you have to be working in the US to petition your Mexican husband?

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No,but you must show you have enough income to support him should he become sick and unable to work.So he does not become a burden on the government.

2008-09-05 23:52:39
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Q: Do you have to be working in the US to petition your Mexican husband?
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If a woman married a US citizen can she go to the USA with a K3 visa before her husband files the petition?

Before he files WHAT petition? How did you receive the K3 if your husband didn't file and I-130 petition? Please review:

Can a Mexican student inside the US get a working visa in case she finds a paying job inside the US?

No, the student would need to already receive a job offer and have that company file a petition on the students behalf. There is no such thing as a working visa to look for work- you must find the work first, then you can apply for a visa.

Will a child born in Mexico to a Mexican mother and a US father be list as Mexican or US citizan?

It would be both Mexican American with equal rights. The child would be considered to have dual citzenship, But the parents can also petition to have the child considered 100% Mexican or 100% American, I believe that it would be their choice.

Can a woman who is a Mexican citizen living in Mexico file for divorce from her husband who is living in the US?


Can a US citizen marry an illegal Mexican who still married of her illegal Mexican husband?

From what I understand, you can't marry anyone who is already married (unless they divorce their current partner or become a widow)

Can a person with dual citizenship US and Mexico get married in Mexico with his Mexican birth certificate and later petition for his spouse to come to the US?

Yes, but as you pointed out, your spouse needs to begin the application for the immigration and naturalization process.

If you put a petition in to help your husband become a us citizen and quit your job will that affect him staying here?

If you are a US citizen, your husband has the right to live here as long as you two are married. If you are only allowed to live here because of that job you quit though, you may both have to leave.

Is it true your Mexican husband can not come to the states?

Only if he has begun with the due process of US citizenship. Otherwise, he only will be able to visit you as a tourist.

What does the US owe Mexico?

You mean culturally? The most important would be the stereotypical cowboy, which was copied from the Mexican cowhands working on former Mexican territories, including Texas, New Mexico or California.

What did Cesar Chavez fight for in the US?

Cesar Chavez fought for a higher wage and better working conditions for Mexican farm workers.

Name for Mexican workers on the US border?

Mexican workers on the US border

What kind of impact did the Mexican War have on the US?

It gave us the Mexican Cession.

Can husband working in another country file for divorce from wife living in states?

yes, but it will need to be filed in the US, in her state.

When a Filipino marries a US Citizen what does she become?

She remains a Filipino citizen. Her US husband can petition for her, in which case, once approved, she becomes an American citizen. She can retain Filipino citizenship (hold dual citizenship) by applying at her nearest Philippine Embassy in the US (if she is based there).

Can an immigrant in the US petition his or her spouse who lives in a foreign country?

An immigrant in the US can petition for his or her spouse who lives in a foreign country as long as he/ or she living in the US has already recieved their citizenship.

What is length of US Mexican border?

US- Mexican border is around 2000miles long

Who was the first Mexican to came to US?

Luis deharo was the first Mexican to come to the us

Us citizen of Mexican descent is?

A Mexican-American.

Does a PA huband have rights to wife's inheritance?

No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.No. In the US a husband has no rights in his wife's inheritance.

How do you convert Mexican pesos to US dollars?

1 Mexican peso = 0.0817 US dollars

What was issued by president Washington to keep US out of European war?

the "olive branch petition"the "olive branch petition"

How does a 17 year old petition the courts to change custodial parent?

In the US, a minor can't petition the court for anything. The non-custodial parent would have to petition.

Can a Mexican citizen sue a US citizen?

In US Federal court, yes. As can US Americans sue Mexican Americans.

Can a Mexican resident visit the US with an Mexican Passport?


What is the average wage of a Mexican fast food worker?

The question is not entirely clear. DO you mean someone working fast food in Mexico, or a Mexican working fast food in another country? In the US, the average will be the same as any other race as required by law, somewhere around minimum wage to start.