Do you have to clean the anal sac on a pom and how often should it be done?

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Yes Once And A While They Get Too Dirty. ThereFore You Clean It As Soon As It Is Dirty.
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How often should you clean your horse?

you should groom your horse everyday especially on the parts where the tack goes.. sponge down after long rided and on sunny days when it's hot so your horse can dry off.. p

How often should anal glands be expressed?

Your dog will naturally express his own anal glands upon having a soli bowel movement. However the anal sacs can become infected which will mean the dog can not express his ow

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About once or twice a week. When you've changed hem REMEMBER TO GIVE THEM SOME FRESH HAY! Remember to separate them if you have two. I normaly give them a carrot to nibble on.

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How do you clean pom-poms?

Generally pom pons do not need to be cleaned. If your squad shares poms and you are worried about spreading germs, you can always Lysol them 24 hours before they need to be us

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You should simply wipe out the inside of your mouth piece before you put it away in it's case. If you want, you can do it more often.

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