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You dont have to eat bread, BUT you must have some sort of carbodyrate in your diet in order for it to be a healthy one. Perhaps you would prefer brown rice or pasta, or you can even go for wholewheat bread if you want.

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Q: Do you have to eat bread?
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Do crayfish eat bread?

No, crayfish do not eat bread, as bread has yeast in it

how to eat bread?

You can eat bread with the help of your mouth and teeth

Do the Chinese eat bread?

they do eat bread but they make there own bread but different

What bread do Greeks eat?

They would eat ordinary bread, but crust herb bread is common. They would eat ordinary bread, but crust herb bread is common.

Do geckos eat bread?

No, gecko will not eat bread.

If you have digestion problems what should you eat or not eat - and what treatment do you recommend?

eat brown bread. stay clear of whit bread. eat brown bread. stay clear of whit bread.

Do spiders eat bread?

No, spiders can not eat bread. They do not have the teeth to chew any bread. Spiders only eat insects.

When do islams eat bread?

They may eat bread as and when they like.

Do wild birds eat bread?

no they eat bread and butter but not just bread it gives them dhiaria

How many kids eat bread?

well i eat bread and im a kid...bread is yummy

Can donkeys eat bread?

bread is poisonous to donkeys

What do yellow-foot tortise eat?

They eat rye-bread. They eat rye-bread.

Do raccoons eat bread?

They will eat almost anything, so yes, they will eat bread.

Did the Navajo eat fry bread?

Yes,we did eat fry bread and still do eat it.

Can Guinea pigs have honey and bread?

They can eat honey on treats and they can eat a dried beagle but I don't know if they can eat bread. Beagles and bread are the same things so I am pretty sure that they can eat bread.

Do frogs eat bread?

Frogs mainly eat a variety of insects and don't eat bread. A tadpole will eat bread crumbs but after they mature they need more substantial food.

Do Iranian people eat more rice or more bread?

The Iranian people also eat rice and bread. Eat more rice with stew or roast or chicken lunch. Eat breakfast with bread and cheese. Bread with butter and jam. Bread with cream. Bread and milk. Bread with soup. Halim bread. Bread with sheep's head and leg. Bread with egg. Dinner eat more bread and other foods. Iranian people really eat lamb or veal. Iranian stew with rice and grilled vegetables with favorite food is bread.

Can horses eat bread?

Of coarse! They can eat any type of bread.

Do snails eat bread?

I did an experiment and I found out snails do eat bread

What types of bread do US people eat usually what types of bread do french people eat what types of bread do Africain people eat?

I only know that French people eat french bread and croissants ..... that's it.

What is Best bread to eat?

the best bread to eat is wholemeal its the best of both

Do mice eat bread?

Mice will eat bread but only if you get it damp first.

Do brine shrimp eat bread?

Yes, but they eat microschopic bits of bread

Can the birds eat bread?

Birds can eat bread in small quantities but it is not good for them.

Can a snapping turtle eat bread?

Snapping turtles can certainly eat bread.