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Usually 100k service includes items such as:

* Change spark plugs

* Change air/fuel filter

* Flush/Refill radiator with fresh coolant

* Flush/Change Transmission Fluid

* Balance & rotate tires

* Oil change

* Inspect hoses, belts, shocks, suspension, body, etc.

What type of maintenance have you had on your Civic and how long ago? If you've had most of these services recently, you probably wouldn't need a 100k service. If you haven't had a major service, you'll want to get one soon since 100k on original parts and fluids is a long time. With you mileage, you may want to have a shop look at your timing belt which will save you a lot of money if it is about to break.

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How many miles should you change the timing belt for a 2009 Honda civic ex sedan?

80k-90k miles They go for about 150,000 but its safe to change it around 100k

How many miles in a 100k?

A 100K race is 62.14 miles.

How many miles is in a 100k race?

100k (kilometers) is 62.14 miles.

How many miles can a 2002 Honda shadow 700 go for?

gas, about 150 miles engine life, the sky's is the limit (but a Honda shadow might not be worth the repair cost) be sure to get a compression test at around 100k miles

How many miles is a 100k?

100,000 miles

After how many miles should you change the timing belt 1991 dodge 318 ci?

60 to 100k depending on service

How many miles in 100k?

100 kilometers = 62.1371192 miles

How much is 100k in miles?

100 kilometers is 62.14 miles.

Can you get new transmission for 1999 Honda Odyssey?

My 1999 Honda Odyssey transmission went bad in 2005. The dealer replaced my transmission which was still warranty.. the warranty was lengthened to 100k miles because of problems w/these transmissions

How many miles are in a 100k race?

A hair over 62 miles.

When do you replace a timing belt?

Usually at 100K miles.on most cars its 100,000 miles

What kind of gas should you put on y 98 Honda civic lx it has 100k?

reg. unleaded will do fine, but it,s up to you if you want to spend more on higher oct.gas. if it pings with reg unleaded, than go to the next oct gasoline.

When should you consider changing the timing belt on a 98 Civic. I just bought a used one with 112K miles and am not sure if it has been done yet?

You bought the vehicle just in time for the it's timing belt changed. The belt should be changed at 100k miles.

What oil shoud you use in a 1995 Toyota 4Runner 100k miles?

If you can try using Toyota oil. It is just right for 100K engines.

Does the odometer in 2001 ford windstar go to zero after 100k miles?


Is Kia warranty transferable?

Yes, but the mileage for the powertrain warranty is reduced from 100k miles to 60k miles.

Does a Vw 1.9 golf diesel mk5 have a timing chain?

No it has a timing belt and needs to be changed every 100k miles as per service book but its better if you change it at around 80k .

At what mileage does Toyota recommend a timing belt replacement on a 1991 Camry stationwagon?

If you have 100k miles or more you should do it. 100k miles is usually a good mileage to do it on any car. For specifics you should call the dealership.

What is life expectancy of 2003 Honda 750 shadow?

If you change your oil regularly and keep up with all scheduled maintenance, there is no reason you can't get a Honda Shadow past +75K - 100K Miles. How you drive it will also play into that (don't race it). Remember, you take care of it and it will take care of you.

100k into miles?

It's a little over 62 miles1 kilometer = .0621371192 miles100 Kilometers = 62.137 miles1 kilometer = 0.621371192 miles

How fast does a mini cooper go in miles per hr?


Should you buy a car with a 100k miles?

Mabye Mabye not I DONT KNOW

How many miles driven before you have to change your 98 Rav4's timing belt?

I was told by my mechanic to replace the timing belt once you've reached 100k miles. I was told by my mechanic to replace the timing belt once you've reached 100k miles.

What mileage to change timing belt on 2002 Volkswagen jetta?

On my VWs I change the OHC belt at 80K miles and retension every 15K miles on the older units. VW generally recommends 100K miles. On my VWs I change the OHC belt at 80K miles and retension every 15K miles on the older units. VW generally recommends 100K miles.

When should you replace a timing belt on a 2001 Toyota Camry?

every 100k miles