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Usually 100k service includes items such as:

* Change spark plugs

* Change air/fuel filter

* Flush/Refill radiator with fresh coolant

* Flush/Change Transmission Fluid

* Balance & rotate tires

* Oil change

* Inspect hoses, belts, shocks, suspension, body, etc.

What type of maintenance have you had on your Civic and how long ago? If you've had most of these services recently, you probably wouldn't need a 100k service. If you haven't had a major service, you'll want to get one soon since 100k on original parts and fluids is a long time. With you mileage, you may want to have a shop look at your timing belt which will save you a lot of money if it is about to break.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:02:06
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Q: Do you have to get my 2003 Honda civic ex service if it has over 100k miles?
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