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No, medical laboratory technology can be taken at the two year of four year level. There are some schools of health related profession that offer the program but it is not at the doctoral level. You should have a strong foundation in Biology, chemistry, physics, and higher level maths.

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Q: Do you have to go to medical school to become a medical laboratory technician?
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Which degree is needed to become a medical laboratory technician?

To become a medical laboratory technician you will need to obtain your high school diploma, an associates degree, and then complete an accredited training program. If you obtain your bachelors degree you will be able to advance to a medical technician.

What education level is need to be a medical laboratory technician?

The education level needed to be a medical laboratory technician is either a certificate or associate's degree program. They also expect a high school diploma as well and some courses in math and or sciences.

Can a surgical technician become an anesthetists?

Yes, after finishing medical school

Where can I go to school to become an emergency medical technician in Texas?

University of Phoenix and ITT Technical Institute both offer emergency medical technician training and courses.

Where can one take lab technician lessons?

After graduating high school, you will want to get an Associate's Degree as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Many two-year colleges and hospitals offer the correct training needed.

How much school does it take to become a sonogram technician?

To become a sonogram technician, you need an associative degree (2 year of school), taking anatomy, patient care, medical ethics, physiology and instrumentation courses. There is no license requirement.

What are the requirements to become an Ultrasound technician and how long does it take?

To get an education in Ultrasound Technology, you need to go to a medical school or a sonography school, where they specialize in ultrasound technology. You can check out which schools are good for you at the Ultrasound Technician Center website.

What do I need to do to become a pharmacy technician?

a background of math and medical terminoligy is helpful. You will also need to complete certificate program for Pharmacy Technician at a school of your choice.

How do I become a pharmacy technician?

First to become a pharmacy technician I would consult with the local medical/ pharmacy school to see what classes can be started and when. Also ask if there are any other programs in the area.

How do you become a medical laboratory tech?

You would typically complete a one year certification program or a two year associate's program. To earn the title of Certified Medical Laboratory Technician you would also have to pass the national certification exam.

Where can I find open MRI technician classes?

In order to become a certified MRI technician, one must complete a series of courses on the subject at a community college, state college, or medical technician school (med-tech).

How do you become a surgical technician?

In order for one to become a surgical technician, an individual would need to enroll into a technical or medical school. Once they are enrolled in the school, they would need to receive certification which would basically guarantee that the individual is capable of performing the tasks necessary for his or her job.