Do you have to have a Facebook to download music on iTunes?


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The iTunes store is an online music retail store there is no requirement to have a Facebook account to use it.

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How did I download punjabi music from iTunes

You can't download itunes on to a mp3 player. You can only download itunes on a iPod. But you can download music for an MP3 Player on Mp3Rocket.com

You can always download music from itunes store.

no but you can download music to it

Technically, no. Although you can download music directly to your iPod Touch, you must use the iTunes app and have an iTunes account to purchase the music.

If I download music from itunes to my PC can I burn it to a disc?

Number one way: First download limewire. Then pick songs you want to download on limewire. After that download itunes. After that your music should be on itunes. You have to make sure your ipod is on windows format. Then you import the music on itunes to music or some other file on itunes. And there you have it free music. Yay! Number two way: You download itunes first and then limewire and the rest is the same.

No, you do not have to have an iTunes account to get music onto an iPod.

The iTunes store is an online music retail store. To download and keep music from the iTunes store you need to buy it. There are some free tracks that can be downloaded.

To get music on your iPad you must sync it with iTunes on your computer. Import your music files into iTunes and then sync your iPad. To download a new album, open iTunes on your iPad and select an album to download.

Download music legally and download iTunes onto your computer!!

Yes, iTunes can be used to download music videos or any videos for that matter.

All you do, is click download and it will download on itunes. Just, you have to use a cord to download it on your ipod. Same thing with music from the internet. It will download on itunes but not on your ipod until you plug it in.

you can download it on limewire orrrrr.... itunes

well you buy the music off of itunes and after that it should automatically start downloading by itself now if you meant how do you download music TO itunes then just download the music you want from where ever you are getting it from and then just click and drag it to your itunes library

You can download shakira's music on Itunes.

you can only do it in Itunes, sorry!

In the application known as iTunes here is the web download page. http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

Im unsure what you mean? But, if you get a song of Lime wire and specifically download it in Mp3 Format then it will work on your Ipod/Itunes.

you can download music ad itunes and imesh

Yes, you have to have an iPhone to download iTunes to a phone

You must have an USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. You must also download iTunes (a free download) to store and organize your music. You can upload your CDs to iTunes, or purchase music through iTunes. You then transfer the music by dragging files from iTunes into your phone.

You go to Music.download.com, (you should already have itunes in your PC) go to downloads then search what song or video you want to download then click download. after downloading go to your itunes then plug your iPod to your PC thenclick music then download.

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