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If the other spouse cannot be found then an advertisement in the town last known to live in newspaper is usually the norm for a divorce with only one signature.

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Q: Do you have to have both spouses signatures for divorce in Georgia?
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Just because divorce papers are signed does not mean you are divorced?

If you are talking about being signed by the spouses, then no. Before a divorce is final it has to be approved by a judge. The judge actually grants the divorce, your signatures only show that you both agree to the divorce.

Do both parties have to sign divorce papers for a judge to decree a divorce?

If you're in the US, no, both signatures are not required, although it's generally easier/quicker if you have both signatures.

Do both spouses have to agree to a divorce in order for it to happen?

Yes both the spouses must read and understand the agreement very carefully before the divorce is signed by both , so there want be any misunderstanding later

What is an migratory divorce?

In migratory divorce,one or both spouses went to another jurisdiction in which divorces were more liberallygranted.

Can a legal separation be obtained in SC without both parties' signatures?

No both the parties will have to sign the divorce papers.

Do both parties in a divorce have to show up in court?

No.... If the none attending spouse doesn't contest to the divorce. Also if one of the spouses does not show the spouse that shows is granted what they request in the divorce proceedings

Divorce laws in Georgia?

The state of Georgia does not require any reasons for divorce, and the courts try to make the process as painless as possible for both parties. Divorce is allowed when the partners have separated for more than a year prior to filing for the divorce.

Can a divorce be granted without two signatures in new York?

No you see both the husband and wife , must sign the divorce pape r to make it legal.

Can you get a divorce with out spouses signature if last than a year?

No you can not . both the couple must sign the papers to make the case proceed.

Can you get a dominican divorce form prison?

In principle, if none of the spouses is Dominican and/or is living in the Dominican Republic; both spouses agree to the divorce; both will sign the necessary documents and one of the spouse will fly to Dominican Republic to appear at the divorce hearing, than the answer is yes. In any case, as each divorce is different from all the others, we will need more information about the couple willing to file for divorce in Dominican Republic. Please feel free to email us at In the meantime, you can read more about the Dominican divorce process at

If you have your spouses durable power of attorney can you sign his name to your divorce papers?

You would have a conflict of interest by signing the divorce papers for both parties. Your spouse must sign his own name.

Why in other country approve the divorce?

The other country can approve the divorce if both spouses, in and out of the specific country, are in agreement about divorcing one another. A divorce can also be received in a different country but not recognized until the return of the couple to their home country. Also, some countries will allow divorces without or without the other spouses consent if the reasons are permitted.

Does the divorce decree protect against litigation in a repossession?

A divorce decree cannot alter the rights of the original creditor. The court can decided who gets the asset, but the both spouses remain liabile to the creditor.

If both of ur parents are divorce and You want to get marry in the state of Texas and im underage does both of your parents have to sign or is it ok with one?

I'm pretty sure you have to get both parent's signatures.

Should a couple divorce if only one spouse files bankruptcy?

In most states filing for divorce is not going to get the other spouse out of helping to pay bankruptcy debts. Many states have a communal property law that states both spouses are liable for debts, both during marriage and during a divorce.

Can you divorce your spouse if she has started to divorce you?

You can, however, it requires that you file an answer to your spouses Complaint for Divorce and include a cross-complaint for divorce. If either through mutual consent or an order of the Matrimonial Court, either party can ultimately be granted the divorce even though the end result is that both parties are obviously divorced from one another.

What percentage of divorces in 2012 were due to marital affairs?

With divorce rates rising, it is important to understand the cause behind this. Around 17% of divorce is caused by extra-marital affairs on the part of one or both of the spouses.

In the capitol of Indiana is it possible to file for and receive a divorce without your spouses knowledge even if you are not legally separated?

Divorce is a legal proceeding. It cannot be done in an Ex Parte manner. BOTH parties must appear.

Are there any special laws for getting a divorce in Virginia?

In the state of Virginia, spouses can file for a fault or 'no-fault' divorce. The difference between Virginia and other states' divorce laws is in Virginia, both parties must agree to the divorce if there isn't anyone 'at fault' (desertion, bigamy, a felony conviction).

Can your husband contest your divorce?

Yes. Either spouse can contest a divorce. A contested divorce is one in which both spouses cannot come to an agreement on all the issues relating to the divorce, or in which one spouse does not want to go through with the divorce. Common issues that spouses cannot agree on include child support and alimony, as well as property division. If these issues cannot be resolved and remain contested, the divorce will proceed to court. It should be noted that the court will not make you stay in a relationship you do not want to be on but your spouse has an equal opportunity to be heard in a court of law.

How do one apply for a divorce in Maryland?

One can apply for divorce in Maryland if one or both spouses have lived in Maryland for at least a year. One can visit the Maryland Department of Family Administration website to acquire the necessary forms.

Does your wife have to sign the divorce papers to get legally divorced in the state of Georgia?

In fact both of you will have to sign the papers.

Are signatures needed for both parties in annulment?

In the first application for a divorce only one signature will do but finally on the final form both the wife and the husband should sign , then only will it be of value .

How long does a divorce take?

Typically, after the initial divorce petition is filed and served on the other spouse, a divorces will take an addition six months or less to be finalized. However, if both spouses are not in agreement the process will obviously require more time.

In Arizona are you required to have a separate attorney for divorce proccedings?

You are not required to use the services of an attorney to obtain a divorce in Arizona. However, a single attorney is prohibited from representing both spouses in the same divorce matter due to ethical conflicts of interest that are likely to arise. The only exception to this general rule applies when an individual attorney is acting as a mediator in assisting the two spouses in settling their disputes, in which case that individual mediator/attorney would not be allowed to draft the Divorce Decree or related settlement documents.

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