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I don't know about AZ law, but it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to do so. I USUALLY DO IT AS I'M PULLING OUT OF THE YARD.

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Q: Do you have to notify the police after you repossess a vehicle in Arizona?
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Do you need the call the local police in Minnesota when you repossess a vehicle?

You need to call the police in ANY state ASAP after repoing a vehicle.

What is Texas law on repossession procedures?

Can the police repossess your car? Can the police repossess your car?

Can you repossess a vehicle if you are the sole owner on registration?

Yes you can repossess if you are the soul owner. If the person whom your repossessing the car from gives you trouble, have the police meet you to witness the repossession.

In Georgia how does a lendor properly notify someone in default of intent to repossess an auto?

They hire a repossession company to take your vehicle. You may wake up one morning to find that you vehicle is not where you left it the night before, or you may walk out of the Walmart or Winn Dixie to find the vehicle gone. You will likely then call the police to report the vehicle stolen, and the police will notify you that it was not stolen but repossessed. Within several days, you will receive a notice from the lender stating that the vehicle was recovered and will be sold to be applied toward the debt, and that you may claim any property that was found in the vehicle. You may also make arrangements to redeem the vehicle provided you pay the past due balance.

What is a sentence for notify?

If your car is stolen, you should notify the police.

What documentation do you need to repossess a vehicle from police impound in NYC for unpaid traffic tickets?

First you will have to pay the tickets and the police will tell you from there.... don't wait to long because storage gets added to the cost.

Can you give a sentence that has a word notify in it?

I would recommend you notify the police of that crime. (Verb)

How do you turn in a felon who owns guns?

Notify the police.

If your fourteen year old is in a car accident and the police are present do they have to notify you?

Yes they do have to notify you. If you are the parent or gaurdian.

What documentation do you need as lienholder to repossess a vehicle from police impound in New York City for unpaid parking tickets?

The impound yard will give you their particular requirements. Just give them a call.

You are almost 90 days behind in your vehicle payment will they reposses Do they notify you first?

Yes, we will most definitely repo you. No notice will be given except to the local police afterwards.

If you are involved in an injury accident in a city you must immediately notify?

you should immediatlely notify your local police department.

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