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If the police officers have a search warrant or an arrest warrant, then you have to open the door. If they have come to ask questions or for any other reason without a warrant, you do not legally have to open the door.

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2014-07-02 17:28:44
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Q: Do you have to open the door to police officers?
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When your door is open do the police have to ask to enter?


If a house that appears to be unoccupied is discovered with the front door open are code officers allowed to enter and inspect the house?

Not code officers but that may depend on the municipality. However if someone calls the police or the code officer suspects criminal activity and calls the police, than the police may have probable cause to enter.

How can you open a door that is locked in the police station on fossil fighters?

wear the officer mask then open the door

In fossil fighters how do you open the door at the police station?

you can not

Do military police officers open fire?

Military police officers are much deadlier than they are so yes they will open fire if the bad guys did not listen.Added: Military Police operate under an entirely different set of rules, regulations, standards and laws that civilian police agencies.

What is the purpose of the open door police?

if you mean open door policy, it means everything above board and honesty

If you are not the residence of a house and they police arrive to arrest someone at the home do you have to open the door to them?

If they are instructing you to open the door and do do not listen to there commands you can be arrest for obstruction. If you are obstructing or hindering a police investigation they can arrest you. Also in some cases if the police come with a warrant you might not have to open the door they just might do it for you.

Are cops police officers?

Yes they are police officers.

How do you open your door without a key?

Destroy the doortry to knockremove the door knobcall police

Are auxiliary police officers officer of the court?

No. Auxiliary police officers are not officers of the court.

How are Police officers paid?

Police officers are paid by the hour.

Do police officers have to be out in the open when clocking speeders or is it illegal for them to hide?

Legally, they can be anywhere - even disguised as non-police-type vehicles.

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