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Only if you plan on keeping a valid California drivers license. The fees will cause your drivers license to be suspended.

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Q: Do you have to pay delinquent California DMV fees on a car you no longer own?
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What does RDF in Progress mean on a California Vehicle Registration?

RDF stands for Report of Deposit of Fees. Usually DMV waiting for new owner to pay fees.

Anyone have have dmv cheat sheet for California?

California DMV Cheat Sheets can be found at Best, Josh

Does the dmv have a website?

Yes, and you can use the DMV website to download forms, determine registration fees, set appointments, update your address and find a lot of other useful information. Here is a link to the California DMV website. What state do you live in? Just do a Google search for DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles and you'll find the right site.

Do you have to pay any fees for taking the written permit test at the DMV?


How do you get a temporary vehicle registration in California?

Inquire at a DMV in California.

Do you need an appointment to visit California DMV?

No, you don't need an appointment to visit California DMV, but the wait is hours without one.

Does the missouri dmv have reciprocity with california dmv?

Yes, All state DMV's have an interstate pact of reciprocity with one another.

Where can you access your driving record in California?

At the DMV.

Is the DMV database connected with all states?

Are California dmv records connected to north carolinas

How Can I find out DMV farsi Written test samples for caliofornia?

Go to the California DMV website

Where in California is the DMV registration based?

The location in California where the DMV registration is based really depends on where in California a person is located at. It could be close to Hollywood, Oakland, or even San Diego.

How much does it cost to have the DMV do a drivers license lookup?

Each state has their own DMV drivers licenses lookup fees. Most state fees seem to be under a hundred dollars depending on the type of license you might be looking for.

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