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Sending a text message to an email address costs the same ammount of money it does to send a text message from a mobile phone to another mobile phone.

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Q: Do you have to pay for emailing from a text message?
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Do you have to pay to read a text message?

It depends on which plan you have. I have Sprint and you have to pay to read a text message. Edit: No network provider that I know of charges people to READ a text message - they get their money by charging people to SEND messages.

What else is text messaging called?


How much does each text message cost when you send Cha Cha a text message?

ChaCha is free. You only pay standard text messaging rates from your carrier if they apply to you.

Can i Send message for akon?

Try emailing him at gmail.

What is a sentence for text message?

He sent her a text message to apologise.I had a text message from an unknown number.

How do you get free text message for free or unlimited text?

NOTHING is free ! You have to pay a monthly fee for an 'inclusive' package of texts.

How much money do you have to pay after you went over your Verizon text message limit?


Can a motorolla i530 text message?

All phones can text message.

Is emailing another outside the marriage being unfaithful?

It all depends on what the message is about.

How do you use emailing?

Choose who you want to send your message to, type your massage and send it.

What does message 2111 mean when sending a text?

When. Sending a text message the answer comes back saying person does not want to answere text message how come

What is the difference between text messages and SMS messages?

A text message is the same as an sms message. SMS stands for short message service. A text is a short message 160 characters

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