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No you don't pay taxes to an individual, only a dealer. You will pay the sales tax at the dmv when you go to register the vehicle.


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I think the answer is yes. Check out the sales tax section here:

Yes. You will pay them when you register the car at the DMV. Pretty lame. Double taxation.

Yes! the reason is because taxes have to be assessed for the value of the vehicle for registration purposes

yes you will pay sales tax when you transfer the title at your county's admin. building.

No you do not. Sales tax is what businesses use to pay to the state. It's the "state's share" on a taxable item. A private party seller is not a business, so legally they cannot charge a sales tax. For example they cannot sell a car for $2,000 plus tax. However, you WILL have to pay a use tax when you go to the DMV to register your vehicle. The use tax is basically the same exact rate as sales tax. The state will tax you anyway they can.

If you are a GA resident, you do not have to pay sales tax as long is it is a private seller, even if out of state private seller.

Yes. When buying a car from a private seller, the purchaser should get a signed bill of sale from the seller, which includes the sale price and identifying information about the vehicle, including the Vehicle Information Number. The purchaser then reports the sale price when registering and titling the car, using the Department of Motor Vehicle's Form DTF-802. Sales tax is paid at that time.

NO. But you will pay sales tax when you tag and transfer title. Based on the value of car... not the actual sales price

Any private seller would save you the sales tax

No, as of 2005 Nevada does not tax private-party vehicle sales, but only if the buyer is a legal resident of the state.

When you go to transfer title from the seller to you, all taxes will be collected at that time. In my state the answer is yes, you will pay sales tax.

Yes, when you transfer the vehicle to your name, you will pay the taxes in the state you register the vehicle in.

Yes, a person does have to pay sales tax on a used car purchased from a private seller in Pennsylvania. The amount of tax is 6 percent of the sale price.

If I live in Kansa but buy a car from a private party in Texas, how is sales tax calculated on the vehicle.

You will pay sales tax where you register the vehicle. Last time I checked Florida has sales tax...

The sales tax on a camper from a private party in the state of Minnesota will depend upon how much the camper is being purchased for. In 2013, the sales tax rate is 6.875%.

What is the sales tax on a used RV licensed in Minnesota involving a private sale

Yes, as a buyer in a private party vehicle sale, you will need to pay the use tax. Use tax is calculated based on the sales tax rate in your residence county. You can find more information on CA state vehicle registration at the following DMV.ORG - The Unofficial Guide to the DMV - page: Have a wonderful day, DMV.ORG Support

As of January 2008, the state sales tax rate in Missouri is 4.255%. Multiply the vehicle price by the tax rate to obtain the total being charged. If the sale is from a private party that is not a business, the seller will not collect sales tax, but the buyer will pay the tax when the car is licensed.

No ... there is no sales tax on private person to person sales on used cars. Buying from a dealer may be a different story.

If you are the "private" seller you do not collect sales tax. If your states requires sales tax to be paid on a private sell then the DMV will collect it when the buyer registers the car.

When the sold items are returned back to the seller by the customer then, it is Sales Return for the seller.

Yes, in Michigan you will pay sales tax on everything purchased, private or not, except food and water.

If you buy a used car from a private party, you pay no sales tax, although you are legally supposed to report it. If you buy a used car from a dealer, you will pay sales tax.

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