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Sometimes accidents don't show up on your record for a while. Eventually if your policy is in the middle of its term and they run a MVR or Auto Loss Report they may see the accident, most insurance companies can't charge until the policies renew.

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Q: Do you have to report at fault accidents if they are not on your record when shopping for other insurance?
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Must accidents be mentioned when shopping for car insurance?

Insurance companies have a thing called Clue that they all report to. You can try leaving out that information, but 9 times out of 10 your new insurance company will find out about your history.

How are accidents put on your drivers license?

When they are submitted to the state by a municipality or insurance company they are sent to you driver's history. If you have an accident that is not reported to police, and is handled out of pocket, it will not reach your insurance company or your driving record. Most insure companies require you to report all accidents.

Do you have to report all car accidents to your insurance company when hitting a pedestrian?

of course...

Do auto accidents drop off report in three years for auto insurance?


How does filing an accident report affect your driving record and insurance if you are not filing an insurance claim?

It goes on your record and your insurance rates get adjusted.

Do police officers have to report on duty accidents to there personal insurance?

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How soon after an auto accident do you have to report it to your insurance company?

IMMEDIATELY, your policy will say, ''you must promptly report all accidents''

How far back can car insurance look on your driving record fl?

This will vary in different states. I know in Georgia an insurance company can request a report for 3 years or 7 years. Most insurance companies request the 3 year report because their rating plan is based on 3 years driving record. It also costs a good bit more to get a 7 year record instead of the 3 year record. I have one company that rates based on 5 years so they get the 7 year record. Lots of times people think that tickets and accidents fall off their record after 3 years but this isn't true. Tickets and Accidents are on your record forever. The only thing that varies is the time period covered by the report that is sold to outside companies.

Does an accident report reflect on your record?

YES and your insurance premium $$$$$$$$$$

Do you need to report an accident to the police if you have hit a telegraph pole?

Yes, you will need to report your accident to the police. You should report all accidents to the police, so that you can file a claim with your insurance.

Do you need to report old accidents or tickets to your new auto insurance company when you move to a different state?

Most of the time they will show up in your driving report that they run.

Can auto insurance companies charge you based on your credit report and not your driving record?

Auto insurance companies do not chrge you on the status of your credit report. They only look at your driving history.

What information is in your driving record?

The amount of time a driving record covers varies from state to state, but all will report any tickets or accidents that occurred in that state.

If you are involved in a minor collision and the police respond do they report the accident to the appropriate insurance companies?

No, the police never notify insurance companies of accidents or tickets. It is the responsibility of the insured party to notify their insurance company.

If you had an accident and it wasnt your fault does it go in your driving record?

If the police came out and made a report of it then it will be on your driving record. It will be a not-at-fault accident but it will still be on your driving record. If the police did not come out but your insurance knows about it then it will be on your CLUE report and be a not-at-fault accident.

How long after an accident if not reported to the police do you have to claim through the insurance?

In Massachusetts you do not have a limit to let them know. but state law says that you should report an accident within 3 to 7 business days. depending on the amount of damage.... personal advise..... always report accidents to the insurance company immediately no matter what the situation. if you do not report and another person does then their story is on record first and you may loose credibility. 30 days is the limit I believe

How does car insurance work after an accident?

The way car insurance works after an accident is that a report must be made to the insurance company. They will review it and then decide what you new insurance cost will be. Answer: Accidents need to be reported to your insurance company as soon as possible whether you or someone else caused the accident. If police were called to the scene then you must obtain a copy of the police report as well to be sent to your insurance company. All of this if you plan to file the insurance claim through your or the other drivers insurance. Some have accidents but the repairs are so minor that they pay out of pocket rather than getting the insurance companies involved.

How long does an accident stay on your driving record in Nebraska?

This is a misconception about tickets and accidents showing up on your record. These are always on your record forever and ever. What does matter is that insurance companies have a certain period of time that they use for rating purposes. Most insurance companies rate based on a 3 year period but some of the companies use a 5 year rating period. Different states make difference time periods available to insurance companies. Here in Georgia an insurance company or agent can pull either a 3 year report or a 7 year report and that is all. A 7 year report costs more to obtain. Also, most insurance companies do not pull your driving record every 6 months unless you give them a reason to do so. Lets say you have an accident that was your fault and hit and run claim in a parking lot. This is a reason to look at your driving record and see if there is a pattern or problem.

Is home insurance claims public record?

Most insurance companies report claims to a national database. You would have to pay to get this information and it has to be about you. Though it's not considered to be public, you could get information on that report that is about someone else.

Does a Massachusetts DUI transfer to Florida when looking for car insurance?

On every insurance application for every state you are asked for any and all tickets, accidents, and claims received in the last 3 or 5 years to be reported. It doesn't qualify this by saying only report it if you think they might find it. Take my word for it if it happened they will find it on your record. If you do not tell the truth on your insurance application then the insurance company is not required to pay your claims.

Do you tell your insurance company about an accident if it was not your fault?

Yes. Your policy probably says something to the effect that you must report ALL accidents you're involved in.

How do you find out about old auto accidents?

Depending on the jurisdiction police administrators will keep a record of police reports on any and all accidents they report. The hard copies of these reports may be archived in an electronic format. But, if you know the approximate date of your accident and the location you should be able to get a copy of the police report.

When was Record Report created?

Record Report was created in 1990.

Do commercial drivers have to report accidents?


What happens if you don't report an accident?

Remember that your policy is a legally binding contract. Per the terms of the contract, you are obligated to report any and all accidents promptly to the insurance company and to assist them with the investigation in any way they request.