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Do you have to return the car to the dealer you bought it from if you are surrendering it or any dealer who sells the same make and model?


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2015-07-15 18:34:11
2015-07-15 18:34:11

I have picked up LOTS of VOL repos at B/k attorneys offices. Easy money, dont have to hunt them. Try it.


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I bought my P21500 new from the dealer in 1994.

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That depends on the manufacturer and model you bought. The dealer you bought it from will be happy to provide that information if you tell them the model you have. Also, that information is always printed on a little plate on the back of the TV, probably somewhere near where the electric cord enters the cabinet.

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I would do one of three things. 1. Call a dealer 2. Find a web site for the make/model of your car 3. Look in your paper work when you bought the car

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It depends on the model (GT or V6), the condition, and whether it's being traded in, bought from a dealer or from a private party. I would check Kelly Blue Book to get a better idea.

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Buick cars can be bought at a local car dealer located near you. Searching through newspaper car ads can also help in choosing the model of Buick your choice.

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