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no If you are trying to become a US Citizen then yes. My husband became naturalized and he was required to speak English. They will waive it though if you are over a certain age or if you have learning or a speech handicap.

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2009-01-08 18:28:50
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Q: Do you have to speak English to pass the immigration test for citizenship?
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Is the us citizenship test multiple choice or orally?

orally In order to pass the U.S. citizenship test and interview, you will need to show an officer of the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS; formerly known as the INS) that you can read, write and speak basic English in addition to answering a variety of questions about the United States, its history and its government. You must also have a basic knowledge of U.S. history and government (also known as "civics").

How many questions are on the us citizenship test?

From the set of 100 standard questions, 10 of them are asked during the US citizenship interview. The US citizenship test is to test the applicant's knowledge of US civics and also to check if he/she can read, write and speak English. 8 of the questions you need to answer correctly to pass the interview.

How old do you have to be to take the citizenship test in Spanish?

According to the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Service), if you are over 50 yrs old and have been a US Permanent Resident for periods totaling 20 years or more, or if you are over 55 yrs old and have been a US Permanent Resident for periods totaling 15 years, then you are required to pass the Civics portion of the US citizenship exam, through an interpreter in your own language, but you are not required to pass the English portion of the Citizenship exam. See for more info.

How do you pass citizenship in the US?

When applying for U.S. Citizenship through naturalization, United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) does require a Citizenship test to be taken by all applicants. The Citizenship test will be based on the ability of reading, writing and speaking English, knowledge of American history and the government of the United States. After you have filed the US Citizenship Application (form N-400), USCIS will notify you with a date and time for your fingerprinting appointment. The applicant will be advised to appear at the local Application Support Center at the designated time and date. At this interview the applicant will be given the Citizenship test. You will be notified in the mail the results of your test.

What are immigrants expected to do to become a citizen?

Study for and pass a citizenship test (in English) and swear a vow of allegiance to the United States.

Answering 100 Citizenship Questions?

One of the most difficult parts of gaining citizenship to a new country is passing a citizenship test. There can be hundreds of questions on these sorts of tests and they are all very difficult questions to answer in a correct way. In particular, gaining citizenship into the United States is a very difficult process and can require hours and hours of studying various questions for tests. If a person truly wants to pass the citizenship test for the United States, then he or she should study the multiple choice section that has 100 citizenship questions. If one is worried about this section of the test, then he or she should definitely consider hiring a tutor to help out. A tutor can help a person to go over practice questions and is truly an asset for the person that wants to pass the test with flying colors. A person should be careful when hiring a tutor, however, since hiring a tutor can be quite expensive. A person can end up paying hundreds of dollars to hire a tutor for going over practice questions for an immigration test. Some immigration attorneys even enjoy helping clients with this part of the immigration process. Some attorneys find it a challenge to teach people how to pass the tests required for citizenship in countries like the United States. If one wants to find a truly great immigration attorney, then he or she should find one that is more than willing to help a person take the tests required to achieve citizenship. If an attorney is willing to spend time tutoring a person for this portion of the citizenship test, then this attorney is truly worthwhile to hire. If a person is struggling with other parts of an application for citizenship, he or she should simply get help from an immigration attorney. An immigration attorney is well versed in every part of the application for citizenship in a certain country. An immigration attorney will truly do a great job in making sure that a person completes his or her application for citizenship as thoroughly as possible. If a person wants every likelihood of success in getting citizenship for a country, then he or she needs to hire an immigration attorney that is attentive throughout every part of the citizenship process. Only these sorts of attorneys are truly worth hiring and can be a great aid to any person seeking citizenship.

Can congress pass an immigration law?


What was the immigration act of 1921?

In America they passed a law stating that all immigrants had to pass a literature test to prove they spoke english.

When did the parliament pass the Indian citizenship Act?


Who has the power to pass immigration reforms?

The elected legislature.

Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer or Attorney?

The process of becoming a citizen in another country is one of the most stressful experiences that any person can have. It is truly complicated and complex to become part of another country, especially in these modern times. If a person wants the process to go as smoothly as possible, hiring a good immigration lawyer is truly essential to any person's success in getting citizenship for a new country. If a person does not hire an immigration lawyer, he or she risks being denied citizenship in a country. This can be a very serious matter. If a person is denied citizenship in a country, then he or she may never be able to apply for citizenship again. Countries differ on how they treat candidates who have been denied citizenship. It is a good idea for a person to take the process as seriously as possible and simply hire an immigration attorney to help out with this complex legal process. With an attorney's help, a person can come to truly understand the laws of another country in which he or she seeks new citizenship. Getting citizenship to another country also entails taking certain tests. The tests that a person must pass to get citizenship in a new country can often be complex and difficult. Passing these tests is one of the most difficult things a person will ever have to do in his or her life. A person may need to fully be able to speak the language of another country, before he or she ever gets citizenship into another country. Many of the tests for gaining citizenship into new countries require that a person have a thorough command of a language. Without a thorough command of the native language, a person will likely fail such tests. The good news is that a lawyer can often be an incredible asset to any person trying to pass these tests. A lawyer can direct a person to a tutor or service that can work with the individual to pass these tests. A lawyer may also want to do tutoring on the side as a way to make extra money. Some lawyers even help clients out of the goodness of their hearts, simply because they enjoy helping people gain citizenship into new countries. If one can not afford an immigration lawyer, then one may want to see if a pro bono immigration attorney will work on his or her case.

What does the citizen test consist of?

An American citizenship test consists of a civics test, reading, and writing. It is structured to make sure that the person has an understanding of the English language. The reading and writing exam consist of questions that are read to the immigration officer and then the immigrant writes the answer to the question. The civics test consists of ten questions, and the applicant has to get six correct to pass.

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