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Even if your period begins with light spotting, it is still your period.

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Q: Do you judge your period from the day of light spotting or from when you actually bleed heavy?
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Why am i having a heavy irregular period with blood clots started with brown spotting?

why am i bleeding heavy and having blood clots ? i even bleed thourgh my tapons

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

Do you get a period after your first depo shot?

it is not a period it is heavy spotting.

Is it normal to have a period twice a month and bleed heavy and when have a bowel movement you bleed?

is it normal to have a period twice a month and bleed when you had a bowel movement or and bleed heavy and think you pregnant is it because of sex but doing in rectum

What are the chances of getting your period while actually being pregnant when you have several pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to have a period like bleed during early pregnancy. But the bleeding is usually light and never a heavy, normal period bleed.

Your period is heavy and last for five days this time you had two days of light pink spotting two days later you began to bleed a light flow that lasted three days could you be pregnant?

Yes. It is possible to bleed, light or heavy and be pregnant. I had light spotting and some bleeding for the first three months of my pregnancy. You need to see a doctor to be evaluated soon.

What would cause heavy clotting during a period and bleed for two months straight?

what would cause heavy clotting during a period and bleed for two months straight

Is it normal to have no spotting before your first period and then have a heavy flow for your first period?

Completely normal.

What does it mean if you have 5 days brown spotting then in a six days you are having a heavy blood?

A heavy bleed sounds like a miscarriage. See your doctor.

Im on what I think is my period its brownishred and kinda heavy is it a period or spotting?

This isn't uncommon and it can happen at the beginning of a woman's periods or at the end. The brown is dead blood, the pink or red is fresh blood. Every 7 years our bodies change. As long as you are going for your yearly physicals and everything is OK then you are. If you continue to bleed extremely heavy for longer than you usually bleed during your period please see your doctor.

Will spotting be a heavy flow like your period?

no it will be light pink and not much at a time

Why do you bleed brown before your period then bleed heavy?

I have the same problem and I'm looking for answers myself.

Can you bleed when ovulating?

Yes - ovulation spotting can be common in some women, it's normally very light such as pink or brown discharge, not a heavy bleed like menstruation.

When you have a miscarriage how much blood comes out?

I bleed for 2 days very heavy with a lot of clotting usually i would know it was happening and make it to the toilet and then continued to bleed for about 9 days but not as heavy more like spotting.

What happens when you bleed heavy on your period to the point you get weak?

Little oestogen

Can woman be pregnant when they have period?

Actually, a woman can have her period while she's pregnant. It's not common and should be looked at by a doctor. My boss had her period while she was pregnant, but it wasn't heavy. It was light spotting and her baby turned out just fine.

What if you bleed heavy for 3 days then stop all of a sudden when actually your period lasts 7days can you be pregnant?

This just happened to me as I am very curious as to why.

What does it mean when you bleed heavy for 7 days?

Nothing. You are just having a period.

What if you bleed heavy but your pee is pink?

what if you bleed heavy

You did 3 positive digital pregnancy tests on the day you were due your cycle but that day experienced menstrual backache and started to bleed. lighter than spotting but not as heavy as a cycle?

Some women in early pregnancy have implantation bleeding (light pink or brown spotting) around the time there period is due.

After you get the depo are you suppose to bleed and how long do you bleed?

It depends on you. I was on the shot for 2 years and never had a period. My sister was on it for almost a year and had hers almost all the time. If she wasn't heavy, she was spotting. If she wasn't at all and had sex, she would bleed during sex. Oh deffinately watch what you eat. They aren't kidding when they say you can gain as much as 10 pounds a YEAR!!!!!!!!!

If you Normally have a heavy period now light pink discharge and spotting Pregnant?

Could be it's possible

Can you bleed the first couple of weeks of pregnancy?

I did off and on with my 3rd pregnancy (spotting mostly). It is not normal to have heavy bleeding though. You may see some spotting, but I would contact my OBGYN immediatly. Better to be safe!!

If you spot first then very lite then heavy when is first day of period?

Generally, if your spotting that singnals the beginning of your period. Unless you spot a couple days prior to your light flow, consider the spotting your first day.

You had brown spotting and very heavy period last month would you be pregnant?

The fact that you had a period suggests that you're not pregnant, however this isn't always the case. the brown spotting could simply be the blood drying.