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Do you lose weight when you sleep?

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I've heard that you do, due to the amount you sweat and (surprisingly) urinate during the night. Sky One's, 'Brainiac', proved this by giving a man and his wife a new mattress to sleep on for a month. The family never lost any weight, but there was almost 1lb of sweat and urine from the family's Mother and Father alone.

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How do you lose weight in your sleep?


If you sleep a lot do you lose weight?


Do you lose weight when you sleep naked?

No. Weight loss depends on what and how much you eat, and how much you exercise, not what you wear to sleep.

Do you lose weight when you dont get enough sleep?


Does advil pm keep you from losing weight?

no it does not make you lose weight ,it makes you sleep

Is it better to breathe in cold air vs hot air when you sleep?

trying to lose weight sleep in cold, trying to gain weight sleep in hot.

Do people who sleep longer lose weight quicker?

Quick answer - No

What depression pill will help you lose weight as well?

Usually it you put on weight as you sleep a lot.

Are there any tricks to actively lose weight during sleep?

The only trick I know is getting the right amount of sleep. The more you sleep (greater than 8 hours or about that is key), the more calories you burn and the more weight you can lose.

Does drinking cold water right before you go to sleep help you to lose more weight?

No, but drinking water throughout the day helps you lose weight.

Why do you lose weight when you sleep?

Your weight is consumed into height. So it's how you lose it. You lose 0.001 of a pound.

Can you lose weight whilst sleeping?

Actually there is no scientific proof that you lose weight while you sleep. Having a good sleep can help boost the Leptin levels in your body. Leptin is responsible for curbing your appetite and providing you with more energy.

Do you lose weight when you use meth?

Usually people who use meth will lose weight due to the few symptoms. The lack of appetite and lack of sleep are key symptoms

Is sleeping good for losing weight?

Yes if you sleep 24 hours a day cause then you won't eat and then you will lose weight.

Can you lose weight while on the computer?

not really...unless u move your legs about, anyways to burn calories while you sleep. if theres was no way to natraully lose weight then you would be HUGE

If you sleep on your stomach will you lose weight?

Short of liposuction, there's no way to target weight loss. You have to settle for the old fashioned approach of eating healthier/less, exercising more and lose a little weight from all over.

If you sleep longer will you lose weight?

No, You wouldn't but if you wake up the time you slept example if you sleep at 9p.m and wake up at 9a.m. You probably will loose weight because it will burn up your calories

Do you lose more weight in the morning or night?

Your weight is typically the lowest in the morning right when you wake up since you get dehydrated while you sleep.

If your fat can you ride your partner during sex?

Yeah, but you should lose the weight anyway. No one wants to sleep with a fatty.

Can you lose weight by sleeping?

Yes. When you have been working out, your body will continue to lose weight while sleeping (if you have worked out, too remember). Research links 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night to faster calorie burning.

Do Ultra 90 weight loss pills work?

I had a horrible experience with Ultra 90, Did not lose weight what so ever and for some reason I did not sleep well while I was on them.

Can you eat hard candy and still lose weight?

no you cannot lose weight as soon as you eat hard candy but if you sleep for a long time then wake up you can see for your self that you lost some weight but remember if you eat candy everyday you can get yellow teeth and that's bad for you

How does sleep affect your body?

The body can have health problems when there is a lack of sleep. The body start to lose weight, you may feel grumpy and foggy. If your body receives the proper amount of sleep, then you will be able to heal itself and be rested.

Do people lose weight when you sleep?

Instruction to lose weight when you sleeping: Look through a magazine get a picture of what you want to look like. Think yourself slim as you fall asleep. Tell yourself an affirmation before you go to bed. Say to yourself I will lose this certain amount of pounds. Take a picture of yourself and cut off your face and place it on the picture of the new you. Before you can lose weight in the physical you have to lose it in the mental.

Will eating only raw vegetables help you lose weight fast?

Eating raw vegetables alone may help you lose weight fast but they will also bloat. Also if you don't get enough meat or protein in your diet you will lose energy which can make you grouchy and sleep causing you to loss focus. I would personal I wouldn't do it. Lose weight the correct way so you don't hurt yourself.