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You can put a mattress on the floor and it will be ok to sleep on. Box springs are a unit that allows you to use the matress on a bed. The springs sit on the edges of the bed frame and keep the mattress from falling on the floor. If your bed frame has slats that go across from one side to the other, you can just use a mattress. It won't be as comfortable.

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Q: Do you need a box spring for a mattress to be comfortable?
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Can a Mattress without box spring be comfortable on a bed frame with slat?

i have tried it but i does not work

Is Box Spring important for a matress?

When you are buying a bed there are two pieces. One is the box spring and the other mattress itself. You can use the mattress by itself but to be more comfortable you should get both pieces.

Are box spring necessary?

A box springs and mattress will last longer if they are on a bed frame. They can sit directly on the floor if desired however and be just fine and comfortable.

What holds the bed mattress?

A box spring.

What is the name of the bottom mattress of a bed?

Box Spring

Can a box spring cause an indention in the mattress?


Split queen mattress?

A split queen mattress is not as common as a split king sized mattress. A box spring for a queen bed can be purchased when the area for the bed is unreachable by the queen box spring in its original size.

What is the thing called that the mattress and box spring sits on?

bed frame

Is a bed foundation the same as a box spring and can either be used with regular mattresses?

Typically, a box spring is a combination of wood and steel springs that act like a shock absorber for a traditional spring mattress. a foundation is more of a solid structure , for use with a latex or memory foam mattress, it has been recommended that the foundation is used with the foam style mattress and the box springs purchased with the spring style mattress when buying a new set

Can you use a traditional box spring with a TempurPedic mattress?

Yes, they may not give a warranty with a new mattress however.

Is a low profile box spring as good as a regular box spring for a king size mattress?

Yes, It's accually made the same.

Will a full size mattress and box spring fit in a mini van?

Yes. We just did this three weeks ago in our 2002 Olds Silhouette. On an angle, box spring first, then mattress on top of that. Tight but no problem.