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yes you need to get a motorcycle endorsment and have a license

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Q: Do you need a drivers license in Kentucky to drive a 150cc sport street scooter moped?
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Do you need a motorcycle drivers license for a250cc scooter in Ar?

A motorcycle license is required for a 250cc scooter in Arkansas. Any two-wheel vehicle that is over 125cc and ridden on the street requires the operator to have a motorcycle endorsement.

Can you drive activa without license?

The Activa scooter and the Citroen Activa concept car both require a valid drivers license in order to be driven on a public street or highway.

What is the law for a under 50cc motor scooter in Ga?

under 50cc (STAND UP SCOOTER) is street legal with a drivers permit

What is a Street Scooter used for?

A street scooter is a scooter that allows you to ride around on the street. It is a means of travel which can be used and is designed as a scooter. This is why it is given the name 'street scooter'.

If you have a suspended drivers license can you drive a street legal dirt bike?


What are the requirements for a scooter to be street legal in Nebraska?

In order for a scooter to be street legal in Nebraska the tires must be bigger than 14 inches. Also the engine must have at least 45cc's or more. A motorcycle license is needed and the scooter will also have to be registered.

What kind of street bike can you drive when I'm 14?

NONE! You must be of Drivers License age in your state, to ride a street bike, or moped. You must atleast have a moped permit to even drive a scooter, or any other Gas/Electric powered vehicle on Public Highways.

What if your drivers license is suspended can you still board an airplane?

yes, as long as you are not driving it on a legal street.

Can you drive a 150 cc scooter without license in pa?

Not on the street. You can only ride it on your own private property. Good luck

Do you need a lisene to ride a lisene scooter on the road?

well depend what kind of scooter is for example super bike are street legal in some states if they have turn signal, insurance, and license plate.

Do you need a license to drive a scooter in Canada?

Yes you do if its over 50cc then you need a motorcycle class license (M1,M2, M) Under that I don't belive you need a license, but it may alson not be street legal

Is It legal to drive a 49cc gas scooter in California if so would you drive it on the side walk or the street?

In California, you must possess a class c license or a learner's permit and be at least 16 years old. You would drive your scooter on the street and follow traffic laws.

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