Do you need a fence around an above ground swimming pool?

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That varies city by city. Some places require you to have a fence either around your yard, or around your pool, while others do not. Check with city ordinances.
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Where is the drain to an above ground swimming pool?

Unless you had the pool installed with a bottom drain there is not a drain on an above ground pool. You'll have to pump the water out using a sump pump or siphon it out using a garden hose. Please note having a bottom drain in any pool does not indicate that it is an actual drain as in house plumbin ( Full Answer )

How do you level the ground for an above ground swimming pool?

Level Own Lawn for Pool . It can be done. We just did it. After clearing all the sod, anddirt away for the depth that you want, you need to take a 4 foot2x4, and tape a level to it. Then you need to slide, and smooth thesand that has been laid. **Note, it is easier to level it once youhave the san ( Full Answer )

Can earwigs damage an above ground swimming pool?

Answer . \nEarwigs are herbavors and generally will not harm pets or humans. They also like to hide in dark or shady places during the day. Their favorite habitat is near damp areas. (sinks,leaky outside faucets, pools) Control them by dampening a newspaper and placing it in a shaded area. A day ( Full Answer )

Can an above ground swimming pool be installed in ground?

This would probably not be a good idea, the problem would be that after having dug the hole and having successfully assembled the pool, you would have to fill it with water before you back filled around the outside of the pool. The problem lays in the fact that should you ever have to empty the pool ( Full Answer )

How do you landscape around an above ground pool?

We built a deck on one end, about 10x10x(the height of the pool), with cement pavers under it making a floor for storage underneath it. Then around the pool (15x30) we put double landscaping fabric about 3ft wide, covered it with decorative gravel about 3" thick. Garden edging keeps the grass out, a ( Full Answer )

Why is the above ground Swimming pool filter not running?

(1) Because its not plugged in. (2) Because the plug is damaged (3) Because the lead to the motor is damaged. (4) Because the fuse or power relay needs attention. (6) Because the timer has broken down or is incorrectly set (7) Because the motor is broken down.

How can I Landscape around an above ground pool?

Yes you can landscape around anything. You could plant a flower bed around the pool, space out the flowers, and add a few garden ornaments - something to do with the beach, or summertime, or swimming - perhaps give it a little nautical or tropical theme. You could add a border around the flower bed, ( Full Answer )

Do swimming pools require fencing if they are above ground?

\n. \nI don't think so\n. \n Answer \nThe answer to this question varies depending on where you live. There are 2 places you need to check before you can determine whether you need a fence or not. The first place you want to check is with you local department of inspections or other governme ( Full Answer )

How do you clean above ground swimming pool filter?

If its a cartridge filter. Cut of the water from the skimmer as well as possible then take the upper cover of the cartridge filter take out the element and hose it down. Put it back together. start the pump often there is a valve on the top of these to let excess air out, open it until water starts ( Full Answer )

What is the best type of above ground swimming pool?

This is a totally imponderable question because it has as many correct answers as there are people looking for above ground pools. Probably the best type is the one you can afford that fits all your needs of size expense and complexity. Keep in mind that depending on the size, type and usage of the ( Full Answer )

How much is my above ground swimming pool worth?

i have an estherr Williams pool 1988 still in good shape with everything new liner new carpet and cover how much can i get for it 27 round with all filter and chemicals linda thanks

What is the best above ground swimming pool filter system?

Well, there are basically 3 different kinds of filter systems, sand, cartridge, or Dichotomous Earth. DE Filters remove the most particles from a pool and are also the most expensive. Cartridge Filters remove debris well, but sometimes the filters need cleaning and changing. Sand filters are the sim ( Full Answer )

Do you need a fence around an in ground pool in an agricultural zoned neighborhood?

Whether or not you are legally required to have a fence is an issue that depends on your local laws and ordinances. You can contact your county or town building department for more insight on your county or town's laws.\n. \nYou may need a fence for liability purposes, though. Even if you are not l ( Full Answer )

Is is ok if your above ground swimming pool is not level?

The pool needs to be level to have the walls hold the water in with equal pressure at all points. The more slanted your pool is, the more you are increasing your risk of collapse. Remember all these pools are quality and stress tested on level ground. They are designed for use on level ground. If yo ( Full Answer )

How often to run filter on above ground swimming pool?

It depends on the size of the pool and the prevailing conditions. Run it for 3 hours morning and 3 hour's afternoon for starters and see how the water is. if it stays clean and clear reduce it until you have found the balance.

What is the average size home above ground swimming pool?

Above Ground Pools range in size and shape. The average round above ground pool has a diameter of 15 ft and 4 ft deep. Using these dimensions you can get the following useful information. Surface Area = radius (7.5) x radius (7.5) x 3.14 = 176.6 square feet Gallons of water = radius (7.5) x ( Full Answer )

Above ground swimming pool removal contractors?

If you are just looking to remove a pool that you don't want and which is still functional, you may try advertising it in Craig's list or Freecycle. You can say that they can have it for free if they remove the item. You may have to stipulate what they can and cannot remove. However, in most cases t ( Full Answer )

Does Above ground pool fenced?

Where pool fencing laws apply both in-ground and above ground pools are expected to be fenced.

How do you install an above ground swimming pool liner?

There are three different systems for above ground pool liners. There are beaded liners which click in to a top rail, there are overlap liners which overlap the frame then something clips over the wall and liner to hold it in place, and there are unibead liners which work on either system. Please ch ( Full Answer )

Do I need a fence around my residential swimming pool in Ware County Georgia?

Of course you do. Put a little thought into your question. Is it possible that a child or animal might accidently fall into your residential pool and drown? Then put up a fence to prevent that accident. Note that this answer does not refer to where your residence is. Perhaps it's in Ware County ( Full Answer )

How long can above ground swimming pool remain drained?

Typically just a couple days to maybe a couple of weeks if its already been filled and had chlorine in it. The chlorine will make the vinyl liner dry out and not let it stretch when refilling it... and its very important for it to be able to stretch cause it will bust if it cant. If your looking for ( Full Answer )

How much does an above-ground swimming pool permit cost?

This fee is regulated by your local governing body, code enforcement division. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce. They will direct you to the proper department of your local City Hall.

Can a snake get into an above ground swimming pool?

Yes. a snake can go about anywhere it has a mind to. They climb trees, go up drain pipes to get on a roof. It surely could climb a step ladder to get into the pool. It more than likely wouldn't want to if chlorine was present.

Above ground swimming pool installation does the post need to be buried?

I assume that you are shopping for a pool and are looking at an above ground. I have had three above ground pools. No nothing was wrong with them. We just keep moving. To answer the question: NO, the uprights are not buried. They are not even dug in to the ground. Make sure you pay a professional to ( Full Answer )

What is a good fencing to go around a pool above ground?

Different cities have different codes, so you'll want to be sure to check with them and see what is required, if anything. Personally, I like the look of wrought iron fencing; and it's good, because kids can't climb over it as easily as they can a chain link fence.

How to backwash filter for above ground swimming pool?

there are a few possibilities, depending on what kind of filter you have: if you have a: - small filter about 2 feet tall, shaped like a cylinder, it's a CARTRIDGE FILTER and can be cleaned by first closing the suction and return valves, and removing the cartridge, and rinsing with a water hose. ( Full Answer )

Do you need a fence around your pool to get insurance?

Many insurance companies will require at least a 4 foot locking fence around the pool. Even if the company decides to write they policy, they may exclude liability coverage due to the pool being onthe property. Read you.r policy carefully and shop around.

How expensive are the average above ground swimming pools?

Above ground swimming pools vary in price depending on the size, brand, and shape. While very small inflatable models could cost only a couple hundred dollars, larger hard-sided pools will cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000.