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GuppiesWell, it depends on how many guppies you have. A one gallon should be fine for up to three guppies. Just be sure that they are all of one sex! AnswerWell, for each inch of a fish you need atleast 1 gallon. Big I know, but don't forget fish can grow. So during that growing period you will have to buy more and more fish. So, you should just buy a 10 gal tank for 5 guppies, and the minimum amount of fish you need for guppies since they are "community fish" is 5. That's what I did and that's what many sites online have told me to do. You could also ask one of your pets store's employees around the fish area and they will tell you all you need to know. Just make sure you get a good helping of plants and hiding areas for them. Good Luck with your fish.

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What size fishtank is necessary for 5 guppies?

Guppies are very adaptable and small in size so a very large tank is not required for them to be happy in. A 20 gallon tank would be enough to keep five guppies in.

What would guppies eat in a closed ecosystem?

well if you want to have any type of fish in an ecosystem you need plants. i am doing and ecosystem in school i am using guppies 2 snails 1 catfish and the guppies eat plants and algae but make sure if your guppies to have enough food because if not the adults will eat the babies

How many guppies a week do crayfish eat?

Without much more information the question can not be answered accurately. Crayfish are scavengers and guppies are not their natural prey. If the crayfish is small enough and your guppies don't have long flowing fins then the guppies may well be too fast for the crayfish to catch. So the answer then would be none. Are you feeding the crays dead guppies? If so I would add one and see how long it takes the crayfish to eat it. Then I would add more and more dead guppies one at a time as the crayfish devours them. As the crayfish grows so it will eat more.

Can guppies live with tiger fish?

The tiger fish would eat the guppies.

How many guppies in a gallon fishbowl?

I would say that about 10-15 guppies per gallon.

Do guppies get along with plecos?

A large enough Pleco can eat guppies and other smaller fish. While they are known for algae consumption as they grow they do also ingest meaty foods. There are smaller type of Plecos that would be suited for a guppy tank.

What color are baby female guppies?

All baby guppies are the same colour. I would call it a silvery grey.

What would happen to mostly drab guppies that were placed in a stream with very few predators?

guppies will be more colorful.

What are the easiest freshwater fish to breed?

I would say guppies, mollies, platys, swordtails and such are the easiest...they are all livebearers and will breed constantly once they are old enough....

Does neon tetra fish eat guppies?

No, probably not. They're just as small/ smaller than guppies... however... The Neons are a shoal fish and like to be kept in groups of around 6 or more. If they're in smaller groups they will be nervous and would probably nip on the guppies fins. If the fin nipping becomes serious enough the guppy could die.

What can the lunch joke be for my bubble guppies idea the goat band?

The lunch joke would be the goat band for bubble guppies.

Who would win Team Umizoomi or the Bubble Guppies?

team umi zomie because buble guppies would have to stay in the or the umi zomie team would eat them or stab them with a tringle.

Can guppies breed with neon tetras?

they can but there would be no outcome of it

Can humans eat guppies?

Guppies are not poisonous to humans but why on earth anyone would consider eating such a tiny creature is beyond my imagination.

What is the effect of light to the reproduction of the guppies?

Without light guppies (and most other species of fish) can not see one another so it would be extremely difficult for them to locate one another let alone breed successfully. Therefor I would say that the effect of light would be to 'enable' reproduction of guppies.

Can you put guppies in an adult pool?

No, Chlorine would kill them.

What type fishes would feed on guppies tails?

Angelfish, fighting fish and other bigger fish would. They would do it more often too if the guppy looked weak or less strong than other guppies.

What water temperature are for guppies?

Guppies are pretty hardy fish, which means they can survive in a wide range of temperatures. I would suggest anywhere between 72 to 78.

Would bettas live with guppies?

Yes, with lots of plants in the tank

Can you feed your guppies cilantro?

I would say no...dont b stupid!

Why are guppies so colorful if they have to blend in to live?

guppies have been selectively breed in captivity and unique strains of guppy in the wild have been made common in aquariums. guppies in wild would be much more uninteresting to avoid attracting predators.

Can guppies live with pangasuis catfish?

Guppies only grow to 2 inches long at most. Pangasius species are very large Asian fish and are what you buy to eat as Basa fillets. They would eat any guppies in their tank very quickly.

What kind of flake food do you feed guppies?

The best flake food for Guppies would be one that is high in vegetable matter. Another food that is heathy for them is finely chopped , and ground spinach. Guppies are largly vegetarian, But will eat most other foods.

Which fish are better mollies or guppies?

Guppies would show a lot of different colours whereas the molly doesn't have as many colours as the guppy. Guppies and mollies however are said to be delicate fish so you must be careful what you put in your tank. Male fighting fish would think the brightly coloured guppy tails are other male fighting fish and would try and fight them. Mollies would tend to nip at fish with long fins. Both mollies and guppies are friendly. They are both active and eat a lot.

Can you put a male beta in a aquarium with other male and female guppies?

No, the colorful and long tails of guppies will cause the betta mistake them for a threat and would attack and kill them.