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You dont actually need a phone line to connect to the internet. U can use a modem also.


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You need a modem and a phone line. connect phonel line to modem. you'll also need a subscription to dial up internet service provider to connect to the internet.

No, but you do need an access point so you can connect to the internet. If you do not have an Internet connection available then your wifi is useless, it only serves as a way of connecting to an existing Internet connection.

You are now able to use your cell phone to connect to the Internet. This feature is called tethering. This can be done on a regular phone, you no longer need a smartphone to utilize the Internet through your phone.

an internet ready computer, either a router from your internet service provider(cable/dsl), or a phone line for dial up, an account with an internet service provider.

WiFi is a closed area, wireless Internet. You need to have a wireless router, an internet connection and then connect the router to your phone or cable line. A WiFi dongle is a USB WiFi adapter that plugs into your computer to connect to the internet.

The best way to connect the Internet to a laptop with a phone via USB is by connecting the phone directly to the USB. You will also need to turn on the tethering feature on your phone to enable Internet access.

You do not need a telephone line with wireless Internet. You will need to have DSL or cable and a wireless router.

You don't need a Home Phone. But you need a Phone Line!

There are several internet connections that do not require the use of a phone connection. 1. DSL DSL uses the same phone line to connect to the internet that is used for phone conversations. However, you can still surf the internet and talk on the phone at the same time. You will need a DSL modem (get from your service provider) and filters to put on all your phone jacks that has a phone connected to them. 2. T1 Line A T1 line is a separate line that the phone company installs into your house. Still need some sort of modem. 3. Cable Internet Perhaps the fastest of them all. You would connect your cable line to, yes a cable modem. 4. Satellite This is the most costly but most reliable. It gets it signal exactly as the name suggests. The speeds are not as fast as the other ones.

A wireless router and a wireless laptop or phone

Only is you wish to use it to connect to the internet.

we need a keyboard to connect to the internet

If your phone is made for Internet use, your phone should have an Internet app such as Google Chrome. If it does not, you need to talk to an associate with China Mobile.

To connect to the internet you simply need a modem, an ethernet cable, and a high speed internet connection. the connection can be set up by your cable company, phone company, or a private Internet provider. Of course a computer is needed to view the internet but to connect you simply need the three things above. To connect to the internet you need an ip address, a subnet mask and a default gateway.

A phone line or a wireless connecter

You need some sort of internet service and an internet usable device (for example a phone or computer) and a way of connecting to the internet like wifi or wired and thats it.

A DSL line requires phone service in the house. A cable modem does not as it uses the cable t.v. lines. Once you have Internet access at home, you connect a wireless router to extend the service to the entire house. That's not exactly accurate. You need a line to the house from the phone company, but you don't have to have phone service, you can have stand alone DSL service.

You either need a modem or a Dongle to connect to internet.You also need to get a internet connection from ISP.This is the way you connect to internet. You can also go to a Internet Cafe.

You need to have an internet window open(you can minimize it and play) then it should connect, but only if you have dial-up or one that takes up a phone line.

Nope, it can be stand alone. or you can connect it to WIFI for internet use and for other applications. But you dont need a phone service for one

You can get internet several ways without a landline phone. In fact you can have DSL via phone line without paying for a phone. You can also get broadband internet by cable modem or possibly through wi fi wireless internet. No you do not need a landline phone to get interne taccess ,there are several options,wireless,cable,satellite internet,wifi zones are provide internet without the need for a phone.

I need to find my password to connect my router to the internet? Where can I get it?

It could be your internet provider that's at fault due to working on the line to improve services and it might be a busy line as well. Then again by the sounds of it, it sounds like your internet phone is broke so you will need to contact the company that sold you the internet phone and tell them what has happened

You connect the fax machine to the phone line - the same type of phone line that the phone is connected to. If you want to use the same phone jack, you may need to either get a phone line splitter, or some phones have an "extension" so that another line can be added to a phone.