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Do you need a prescription for pre-natal vitamins?


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2009-04-13 14:29:58
2009-04-13 14:29:58

No. You can find them at your local drugstore or even WalMart or Walgreens. You can get a prescription for them but it is not necessary unless your doctor thinks you need more folic acid than other women, in which case your doctor will inform you.


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Prenatal vitamins are available over the counter and by prescription.

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No. hCG is not in prenatal vitamins and will not effect a pregnancy test. hCG is only in prescription medicines that are prescribed to assist in fertility.

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Gummy prenatal vitamins are just as effective as regular prenatal vitamins. They have the same vitamins and beneficial factor as a regular prenatal vitamin. Gummy prenatal vitamins are a good alternative because some regular prenatal vitamins may cause constipation.

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Yes. I just had gastric bypass surgery and my surgeon gave me a prescription for chewable prenatal vitamins. IC Prenatal 19 chewable tablet cyp

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Prenatal vitamins do not affect gonorrhea treatment. Continue your vitamins as scheduled.

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