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Do you need a special tool to change wheel bearings?

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2015-07-15 18:28:31
2015-07-15 18:28:31

the answers so far assume that you are dealing with an old rear wheel drive car or a not so new truck ---- the newer vehicles by in large have hubs and not separate bearings which would mean I would have to know which vehicle you are working on to give advice

I assume by wheel bearings you mean the bearings on the inside of your front rotors or rear drums (not axle bearings)? If so, you can get by with a hammer and punch. Most rotors will have a recessed area on the backside of the bearing race. You can tap on the backside of the race to remove it. Make sure to alternate between sides, the idea is to remove it evenly.

To install, I like to use the old race to start the new one, make sure it goes in square and once started you can finish with the punch and hammer. It will sound different once the race seats. Be careful not to strike the roller surface!

Always replace races and cones in matched pairs. Don't mix them up, or put new cones in with old races or vice versa.

All that being said, a bearing tool with different diameter aluminum drivers to help remove and install the new races is really cheap and makes the job much easier.

Also, before installing the races, put them in the freezer for an hour and leave the rotors out in the sun. That will give you an extra thou or two which makes installation that much easier.

Yes, a set of bearing tools with different diameter aluminum drivers is a great help, and I use mine with great success. In addition to the bearing tools, another trick I learned is to use a hard rubber Hockey Puck (available at most sporting goods stores) and use it to drive home bearing races, without fear of damage to either the race or the wheel. It works very well.

Of course, the trick is to start the race or bearing as straight as possible relative to the opening and channel it will be entering. The clearances are usually so tight, that any twist or tilt in any part of the bearing or race will cause some binding, and prevent proper seating of the bearing parts.

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No, no 'special' tool but you do need a decent, relatively complete tool set.

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What year tracer? Some you need special tool to pull bearings and hub as a unit!

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Need to know if it is 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

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sorry to have to tell you this but the bearings are part of the wheel hub and sealed within. you need to change the entire hub. $$$$$$$

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you don't they are sealed bearings. they will need pressed out of the hub to change them.

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