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Do you need a special tool to change wheel bearings?

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the answers so far assume that you are dealing with an old rear wheel drive car or a not so new truck ---- the newer vehicles by in large have hubs and not separate bearings which would mean I would have to know which vehicle you are working on to give adviceI assume by wheel bearings you mean the bearings on the inside of your front rotors or rear drums (not axle bearings)? If so, you can get by with a hammer and punch. Most rotors will have a recessed area on the backside of the bearing race. You can tap on the backside of the race to remove it. Make sure to alternate between sides, the idea is to remove it evenly.

To install, I like to use the old race to start the new one, make sure it goes in square and once started you can finish with the punch and hammer. It will sound different once the race seats. Be careful not to strike the roller surface!

Always replace races and cones in matched pairs. Don't mix them up, or put new cones in with old races or vice versa.

All that being said, a bearing tool with different diameter aluminum drivers to help remove and install the new races is really cheap and makes the job much easier.

Also, before installing the races, put them in the freezer for an hour and leave the rotors out in the sun. That will give you an extra thou or two which makes installation that much easier.

Yes, a set of bearing tools with different diameter aluminum drivers is a great help, and I use mine with great success. In addition to the bearing tools, another trick I learned is to use a hard rubber Hockey Puck (available at most sporting goods stores) and use it to drive home bearing races, without fear of damage to either the race or the wheel. It works very well.

Of course, the trick is to start the race or bearing as straight as possible relative to the opening and channel it will be entering. The clearances are usually so tight, that any twist or tilt in any part of the bearing or race will cause some binding, and prevent proper seating of the bearing parts.

2015-07-15 18:28:31
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Do you need a special tool to change wheel bearings in a 97 corolla?

No, no 'special' tool but you do need a decent, relatively complete tool set.

How to change rear wheel bearings Mercury Tracer?

What year tracer? Some you need special tool to pull bearings and hub as a unit!

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 2002 Chevy 3500 truck?

sorry to have to tell you this but the bearings are part of the wheel hub and sealed within. you need to change the entire hub. $$$$$$$

How do you change wheel bearings on a Chevy truck?

Need to know if it is 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

How do you pack the rear wheel bearings on a 2002 Toyota Avalon?

you don't they are sealed bearings. they will need pressed out of the hub to change them.

How do you change wheel barrings on a mercury villager?

The front wheel bearings need to be pressed into the spindles. This is something an automotive machine shop would normally do. The rear wheel bearings are bolt-on hub assemblies.

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 97 ford contour?

They need to be pressed in. You will have to remove the hub assembly and have a shop press the bearings into the hub.

What specialty tools are needed to replace front wheel bearings on a front wheel drive summit wagon?

Do I need any special tools to replace front wheel bearings on a Saturn 2002 L200?Also what is the procedure for doing so?

What cause humming in right front wheel of 1994 Buick LeSabre?

wheel bearings are going bad, need to change your hub assembly

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 1996 Chevy Beretta Does the procedure require special tools and are the bearings a sealed unit and have to be replaced with the rotor also?

Replacing front wheel bearings on a front-wheel drive vehicle requires a good knowledge of vehicle service. Normally, you do not need special tools, but there is a special procedure for removing and re-torquing an axle spindle nut. Never reuse a spindle nut!!!! The bearing will be a unitized one-piece bearing, and the brake rotor is not part of the bearing. It can be removed after removing the brake caliper.

How much are bearings for a s10?

Wheel bearings, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, cam bearings, axle bearings, carrier bearings, pinion bearings and so on, need to be more specific.

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 1998 Plymouth Neon?

You will need to take the front spindle off and take it to a shop that can press your old bearings off and new ones on.

What size socket do you need to change the wheel bearings on 1998 GMC Jimmy front and back axles?

Need to know if 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive for the front. Either way, there is no nut on the back axles.

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 1988 Topaz?

They are pressed in and need to be either pressed out and in on the vehicle or remove the spindle and brought to a press to do this.

How do you fit the rear wheel bearings on a ford fiesta zetec 1.6ltr?

the wheel bearings are press fit bearings you need to pull out the drums and take them and the new bearings to a machine shop they can press them in a few minutes and fairly cheep to do

How do you replace the wheel bearing on a 1998 Cavalier?

need a step through on how to change the front wheel bearings on a 98 cavalier. Have 225,000 miles what else should I look for while in there?

How do you know if you need wheel bearings?

tire wear loud growling noise,wheel shake

Can you change the rear wheel bearings on a 2002 Ford Expedition do you need to take it to a shop?

I don't see why not. Unless is press in. Then you will need to have a press or take it to a shop to be press in.

How do you replace left front rotor 1992 F1504x4 cannot disassemble bearings to remove rotor?

to dissasemble wheel bearings you need a special socket after you remove 4x4 hub this special socket will only fit the front bearing nut .a different size is used on the rear

How can you tell when your wheel bearings need replacing?

You can tell when your wheel bearings need replacing is when they are making unusual noises. For example: squealing, groaning, chirping or cracking noises. If this happens, get it checked out right away.

Your 97 Chevy pickup steering wheel vibrates heavily when you turn the wheel during parking is this the PS bearings?

bearings inside your sterring colum need replacing

How much does it cost to replace bearings on a s-10?

Wheel bearings? Axle bearings? Differential carrier bearings? Engine main bearings? Engine rod bearings? Engine cam bearings? Need more info to help you.

How do you install rear wheel bearings on a Lincoln LS?

They are sealed bearings which need to be pressed into hub. There is no fixing them- replace only.

Does the hub assembly need to be changed with the front wheel bearings for a 2006 Nissan Sentra?

No, just replace the bearings and the race.

What special tools are needed to replace the front wheel bearings on a 2001 Toyota Sequoia 4wd Where can I purchase or rent the tools?

The most unusual tool need to replace the front wheel bearings on a 2001 Toyota Sequoia 4WD is a wheel puller. This tool is needed to remove the brake disc from the wheel. It can be rented at a tool rental business or bought at an automotive parts store.