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Your kitchen sink should already be vented if there is a p-trap draining to the wall. if it is an s-trap it is not vented and not to present code requirements. The dishwasher drain goes into the side of the disposal and the disposal should drain to the trap. A separate vent is not required for the disposal or dishwasher as the trap for the sink is what requires a vent.

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Q: Do you need an air vent installed for the dishwasher and garbage disposal and if so can it be installed another way if needed?
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Can you have a garbage disposal without a dishwasher?


Is it ok to run the garbage disposal when the dishwasher is running?

Yes. Your dishwasher discharge hose is probably hooked into the side of the disposal. Running your disposal will not hurt the dishwasher.

Do you to have a garbage disposal with a dish washer?

You can have one or both. If you have a disposal, the dishwasher usually empties into it. This helps keep the disposal clean and any food particles from the dishwasher get chopped up. Any home can have a dishwasher, but if your home is on a septic system, a garbage disposal is distinctly discouraged.

Can a dishwasher and garbage disposal be on same circuit?

Of course

does the outlet for the dishwasher have to be on the same side of the garbage disposal drainage outlet?

Yes the outlet for the dishwasher should be on the same side as the disposal,so the disposal can handle the waste water from the dishwasher.

New garbage disposal now dish washer won't drain?

Make sure that you knocked out the dishwasher plug on the garbage disposal. If that is already out, then there could be a clog in the line to the dishwasher.

Can a garbage disposal be on when a dishwasher is on?

Yes, they should be on separate breakers.

Where does the drain on a dishwasher go?

Garbage disposal, if one is installed, or a wye branch fitting on the tail piece of sink drain. Dishwasher drain line should have an air break or air gap before the disposal or wye branch fitting.

Do you need an air gap for the dishwasher if connecting to a garbage disposal?

No, you don't.

When you run the garbage disposal water comes underneath the dishwasher?

Make sure the dishwasher drain tube is up high between the D/W and the garbage disposal. It is supposed to be just under the countertop.

Can you run the dishwasher if the garbage disposal is not connected?

The disposal has to be in place so that the drain on the dishwasher is connected. If you do not have a disposal or are removing it, there is a extension tube for the drain that has the dishwasher tube in it. The disposal does not have to work for the dishwasher to drain. The water is run through the disposal so that any food particles get ground before going in the drain. After a while, the disposal will begin to smell if it is not run.

Can you drain the dishwasher directly into the garbage disposal?

Yes, through the dishwasher drain attachment on the disposal. There is a knockout on the inside of the hole on dishwasher attachment that has to be knocked out before attaching the dishwaser hose to the unit.

Can you plug the dishwasher and garbage disposal together?

Usually, but it depends on your local codes.

Can you hookup garbage disposal electric wiring to the dishwasher?

No, they should be on separate breakers.

Can a garbage disposal be installed on an under mount sink?


How do you connect a dishwasher without a garbage disposal?

A fitting made specifically for dishwasher that goes in drain line under kitchen sink.

Why does your garbage disposal back into the dishwasher?

The sink drain is blocked somewhere after the disposal. take apart and clean or renew sink drain.

How to connect Garbage disposal and dishwasher to single drain?

Most Garbage Disposals have a dishwasher inlet on the side that the Dishwasher's drain hose can connect to. This way only the disposal needs to be connected to the drain. Just be sure to knock out the plug on the disposal's dishwasher drain inlet before connecting with a hose clamp.

The water from the air gap flows onto the counter and over the side is there a gadget that guides all of the water into the sink?

If the tubing between dish washer and garbage disposal unit is newly installed then someone forgot to remove a plug. If it was working before then the flow from dishwasher to the garbage disposal is too slow resulting in this.

How do you cap a garbage disposal that you have disconnected a dishwasher from?

Fit a short length of capped hose to the disoposal fixture.

What is a knockout plug for a garbage disposal?

On the side of the disposal, there is a tube, 1/2 inch diameter and 1 1/2 inches long. This is for the discharge line from a dishwasher. The knock out plug in in that tube. If you do not have a dishwasher, you leave the plug in so that the disposal will not leak. Having the dishwasher empty into the disposal helps keep it clean and free of food particles.

Is there something that would cause the dishwasher not to drain following replacing the garbage disposal?

If you used disposal tap for dishwasher drain there is a knock-out inside the tap that must be removed.Take a large screw driver and hammer and remove knock-out.

Does garbage disposals have a breaker?

Yes but the breaker would be at your electrical panel, they do not have a breaker connected to the garbage disposal but they do have a reset button on the bottom of the garbage disposal. Most modern homes also have a GFI outlet linked to the garbage disposal. If your disposal is tripping breakers or GFI outlets I would consider that something is very wrong with your disposal, or you installed one with to much power!

How can you fix a dishwasher that has garbage disposal water in it?

Check the air vent tube under sink make sure it is connected properly or water will back up into dishwasher

How do I install a garbage disposal?

First, you have to find a garbage disposal that will fit the size of your sink. Lowes and Home Depot will carry them. Next, follow the instructions on the box and make sure to connect it to your dishwasher to allow it to drain correctly!

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