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Summer TiresI drove all summer on my winter tires and the only things that came of it were louder than normal road noise, and tread-wear. Both winter and summer tires will last you longer if you change them every season. If money is an issue, get all season.

You don't NEED summer tires. all-season tires would probably do fine for you. Winter tires will be louder on dry roads and will wear fast, so you should not drive on them year-round. Summer tires usually have a performance advantage on dry roads over winter and all-season tires, but should not be driven in more than a dusting of snow, and forget about it on ice (I discovered this when it finally snowed here in NC; my current car came with summer tires). All-season, of course, offer a balance of traction in all conditions. I drove in upstate NY winters for several years on all-season tires without much problem, so unless you frequently drive on unplowed roads with more than a couple inches of snow/ice, you can get by with all-season tires year round.

Winter tires use different compounds. When they are new they are very soft and grip well on ice and snow but as they wear down to about halfway, the compound changes to an all season compound which is harder. Once snow tires are half worn, they are about the same as regular all season tires so you might as well run them. Snow tires are only good on snow for one or two seasons.

wow now this is a question . I am from Canada . so hmm alot of snow and a few good months of hot sun . All-season tires seems of been a thing to have for many years here . but now its changing , people want better traction in the winter . and with a two year old all season tire , it just dont cut it any more the swipes in the tire are not as deep anymore . put it this . do you want to stay on the road and kick the snow out from under the tires or would you want them to ride on top like a snow shoe ? . During the summer you want a good rain tire to hmmm , almost do the same thing with the water . The biggest money maker from the tire company's is miss leading the people thinking that a n all season tire can do the job , but as the tire wears down the the all season factor goes out the window in a 20% tread wear .wish i lived where there was no snow.

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I'm from Canada too, and agree totally with my countryman above. You DO need summer tires as they deal with rain much better than winter tires do. (And we get lots of unexpected rain in summer.) -Most sensible Canadians keep two complete sets of rims, one with summer and one set with winter tires. Most GOOD snow tires cost more than summer tires, so it's silly to waste them with dry road use. All Season tires are OK, but not as good as the two set option

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Q: Do you need summer tires
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Is it OK to leave winter tires on rear in summer?

As long as your snow tires are not studded, it is OK to run them in summer; however, snow tires will wear out quicker on dry summer roads than on wet or slick winter roads.

Why do bike tires need more air in summer?

Tires leak a little over time, so if you haven't ridden during winter you will need to inflate them in spring to compensate for what's been lost over winter.

How are snow winter tires different from summer tires?

Winter tires have a deep and differing grip pattern on then which is designed to push snow and slush awy from beneath them. Summer tires are more designed for basic wet and warm conditions

Is it safe to drive in the summer on snow tires?

Sure.ANS 2 - No, it actually isn't that safe. -Snow tires have terrible grip on dry roads and your braking will diminish on wet or dry compared to good summer tires. - -Why do you think they call therm SNOW tires .

How much is a Elise price worth for summer tires?

I think if you look at the auto tire prices you would be able to find a really great price on Elise summer tires. In the summer your tires should be great also but if you try tire auto in Ohio you will get a great price.

Why do bicycle tires lose more air in the winter than in summer?

actually bicycle tire or for that matter any kind of tire does lose air, the heat in the summer causes the air in the tires to expand. That's why is not a good idea to fill your tires to the max in the summer time.

What size of tires do you need?

You need the tires that are most appropriate for your car.

Why are there more blow out tires in the summer than in the winter?

The tires build up heat and become softer.

What are winter tires made of?

The same materials summer tires are made of. They just have a different tread pattern.

Why do you need to change the winter air to summer air in your tires?

No, you don't have to. Air is air, no such thing as summer or winter air just check and maintain the proper air pressure required for your vehicle.

Is it cheaper to have tires with rims when the mechanic changes tires from spring to winter?

Yes, it is generally cheaper to keep summer and winter tires on their own rims

Do you need to flatten car tires to tow?

No, you need the tires with the air in them to tow it.

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