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Do you need to replace an overload protector if you have shorted a circuit?

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September 19, 2007 2:21AM

Short Answer… Yes (maybe) Explanation: The reason for this is

that there has been an overload of the materials or circuits. This

has caused overheating of the metals and undue stress or fatigue.

This would include the circuit protection components (circuit

breaker). As there has been current and heat in excess of the

design loads, it is reasonable to assume that the properties of the

breaker parts have changed and failure is more likely to occur,

preventing the device from functioning properly. The reality is:

The change is minimal and that although the manufacturer recommends

replacement, failure of the device may not be imminent. It is up to

you to determine if the function of the device has been really

compromised. Most breakers can withstand multiple trips without a

risk of failure. However, it is always best to remember that the

cost of a breaker (about 5 to 10 dollars) is not worth the risk

that you may put on the house. My personal feeling is: If you have

tripped the breaker because you have been stupid and plugged the

mixer into the same outlet as the toaster (I can say stupid,

because I can claim stupid). Chances are that you can reset and

continue on. If however, you either can not determine the cause of

the trip or you have had a damaged wire or experienced extended

overheating (running a large amp motor for some time), I will

always replace the breaker. As always!!! When in doubt call a

qualified electrician to assist you. Remember that electrical

failure is one of the largest causes' of house fires. Hope this

helps! Terry SAFETY FIRST and ALWAYS!

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