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Do you obtain a authorization for secondary ins when medicare is primary?


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after getting the payment from medicare (Primary) then secondary (X/Y/Insurance should pay even if there is no auth.

And only this happens if secondary insurance follow medicare guidelines.

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Your secondary insurance has different PA criteria than your primary insurance. A PA means that your insurer will only cover a service under certain circumstances; company A may cover a service for 3 conditions and company B may only cover the same service for only 2 conditions. Your primary could pay and your secondary may not.

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how do i obtain a secondary credit number

The patient obtains a Medicare number by being Medicare eligible. The provider obtains the Medicare number from the patient.

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You may go to the Aetna Medicare site to apply for medicare. There are multiple forms you need to fill out to obtain the specific type of medicare you need.

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first you should obtain the explanantion of benefits from your primary. it should indicate what the write off amount is. if you're not sure, call the insurance company and ask them. then do the same with your secondary. the secondary insurance will consider the amount allowed by the primary and will usually base their benefits on that. if you are lucky, between the two, you should have little out of pocket expenses.

Yes. Original Medicare does not require you to obtain a referral before seeing a provider, but it does expect you to see a Medicare provider.

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The federal goverenment maintains a website dedicated to Medicare issues. You can obtain forms to file claims on You can find out information about Medicare claims on the website. On there you can learn about the Medicare Claims, Appeals Information, and Medicare Summary Notices.

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Medicare diabetic supplies should be simple to obtain with a prescription from your doctor. Major pharmacies should be familiar with Medicare policies and guidelines for covering the cost of supplies. Ask the pharmacist for assistance.

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Yes most definately! It does not matter who has "primary placement". It is based on which parents birthdate comes first in the year. If you were born Jan 3rd and the other parent was born April 18th, your ins would be the primary. That is a national general rule.

They make different options for senior citizens to obtain healthcare insurance. This is called Medicare. You can sign up on the government website for Medicare.

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