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On ANY repo, you pay the balance due AFTER the car is sold. Payoff = 5K, car sells for 2k, fees = 1K, you owe 4K.

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Q: Do you pay what is left on the loan or what the lienholder sells it for on a voluntary repossession of a car?
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Can you set up payments for what is left after a voluntary repossession and the vehicle is auctioned?

You can always make an offer, but its up to the lender whether its accepted.

How would an incarsarated family member return a new car to the dealership?

Well first off, it's not like he could get a refund. If he is simply going to let it get repossessed, he can have someone else drop it off & he can send the lienholder a letter stating he is voluntarily letting them repossess the vehicle, along with location of where it was left. Voluntary repossessions avoid additional charges, towing, repossession fees,etc.

If a car was totaled by the insurance company after it was repaired per the insurance company what is owed for a voluntary repossession?

In most states, you will owe whats left owing after the ins. co. pays.

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What are the car repossession laws in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, your car may be repossessed if you miss one payment. Your car may be taken any time of the day or night by the repossession company. The repossession company is not allowed to keep any items that you may have left in the car. The company must inform you as to what they are going to do with the car, including selling it, putting it in a car auction, or keeping it.

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Does the car owner have to pay impound and storage fees after repossession?

A car owner has to pay impound and storage fees after repssession because that was their car. The bills are left to the car owner, no one else is going to pay their bills.

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What happens when you buy a car with a lean on it?

Tread carefully if you intend to do this, because you could get screwed badly if you don't go about it the right way. Typically, you would be the one who the lien became held against, meaning you'd be the one who payed the lienholder. Make sure that you get everything transferred to you, and that you make your payments directly to the lienholder, and not to the seller - the seller could very well decide not to pay the lienholder, and then you'd be the one left holding the bag for it. If you're not buying this vehicle from a car dealership, I'd recommend you consult an attorney for advise on how to proceed with this purchase in a fashion which ensures all legal issues are covered, and that you're protected.

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Can you still owe money after your car is repossessed?

Yes, your car will be sold and if the price they sell it for is less than the balance left on the loan, plus the repossession fees, you will be responsible for that difference and will have to pay it.

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How will a repossession affect your credit report?

A repossession is a significant derogatory mark against your credit. The account appear with a similar status as any collection or charge off account. In repossession, the collateral is often re-sold with the amount received being applied against any remaining amount owing on your loan. If the collateral is sold for less than what you owed, the amount left over, called a "deficiency balance" is still your debt. The creditor can actively collect on this, report it on your credit report and sue you to recover the amount.

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mine was charged, i left the junker at the car dealership and when i finally got sick of paying for a car i hadn't touched for months, they repossessed something they had possession of.

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