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you should copy facing up it will come out better!

The page orientation and position depends on the fax machine you are using. Check the sheet feeder of the fax machine. It usually has an engraved icon showing how to position the fax you are sending.

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Mfc-240c fax how do you place the fax up or down?

Place your document into the feeder facing down.

What is face down when faxing?

What you want to be seen and sent is placed downwards .Face down / Face up depends on the sheet feeder of the fax machine you are using. This is one disadvantage of traditional fax in comparison with internet faxing.

How do you make a photocopy on a HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-One Printer?

put the document facing down and press copy button

Which way to face the writing when faxing a document?

usually where you place the paper, there is a little icon that how the paper should be faced. in any of the fax machines I've ever used, the print is always face down.

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Does paper face up or down when faxing on epson workforce 325?

Through the document feeder: Face up, top edge first. Through the glass: face down On every machine there is a small icon/symbol that represents a piece of paper with writing on it with a small corner folded over. That icon shows you which way the paper should be facing when it goes on the document feeder.

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