Do you put a hyphen between the words end to end?

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Yes, if you are using the phrase as an attributive adjective:

'She arranged the dominos on the table in an end-to-end pattern.'

No, if you are using it as a predicative adjective or an adverb:

'The pattern that she chose for the arrangement was end to end.'
'She laid the dominos out on the table end to end.'
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Where do you put hyphens?

Hyphen is a punctuation mark which has a symbol that look like this ( - ), this is used at the end of a line when a word must be divided or to link the parts of a compound word or phrase..

Do you put a hyphen between the words year and end?

Yes . It is preferable to hyphenate that word whether it is used as an adjective or a noun, but yearend -- one word -- is also acceptable. I always wait for the year-end sales to buy new furniture. I can't file my taxes yet because I am still waiting for my year-end documents.

What did the homestead act put an end to?

The Homestead Act put an end to a â??landless classâ?? in America.Anyone who wanted to be a landowner and was willing to work andtill the land for at least five years was entitled to free land.The Act increased land ownership and made it possible for citizensand immigrants who wanted to be cit ( Full Answer )

What put an end to the Great Depression?

The onset of World War 2 ended the Great Depression. There was aneed for massive amounts of cash by governments to pay for the war.Unemployment was reduced by enlisting men into military service.

Who put cleptora rule to an end and why?

If you mean Cleopatra.... She killed herself rather than face her persecutions in Rome and the immanent death of her lover Marc Antony. Antony later killed himself upon learning of Cleopatra's death.

What do you put at the end of a quote if it is a website?

There are various ways to cite a website so it may be worth checking to see if any particular style is preferred for your work. Basically you add the website to the end of a normal citation. (See links below)

Do you put a hyphen between end of the year?

If you're using the phrase as an adjective (example "I hate the end-of-the-year audit!") then it will definitely need the hyphens. Otherwise, the hyphens are incorrect.

Why is there a hyphen between words in poetry?

Hyphens are often used to join more than one word together into a single word. What you're seeing may also be a dash rather than a hyphen, which works like a strong comma. Poets often invent new hyphenated adjectives to convey a concept that's not usually found. e.g. Shake the petal-shower Over sh ( Full Answer )

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Some words that start with PUT: putamen. putamina. putative. putatively. putdown. putdowns. putlog. putlogs. putoff. putoffs. puton. putons. putout. putouts. putrefaction. putrefactions. putrefactive. putrefied. putrefies. putrefy. putrefying. putrescence. putrescences. putrescent. putrescible. pu ( Full Answer )

How do you know when to put an es at the end of a word?

Most words when in the plural only take an "s" at the end but for words that end with a "y" or words that would be difficult to pronounce without the "es" one should add an "es" in the plural, for example: "hobby" is "hobbies" in the plural and "branch" is "branches" is the plural. . This is dete ( Full Answer )

Do you put a period at the end of a poem?

It depends on the style of your poem. Poetry is creative and you can choose to follow standard punctuation or not to. If you have used periods elsewhere then it might be a good idea to use one at the end too.

Do you put a s at the end of it?

The word 'it' is the third person, singular, neuter, personal pronoun. The pronoun 'it' becomes a possessive pronoun by adding an -s to the end of the word. Example: The dog wagged its tail . (the tail belonging to the dog) The pronoun 'it' becomes a contraction by adding an apostrophe - ( Full Answer )

Do you put a hyphen in between pre game?

Not according to AP style guides, no. You only hyphenate when thelast of the first piece and the first letter of the second pieceare the same vowel (such as "pre-election" or "re-enter").

Can you put to at the end of a sentence?

While some grammarians criticize such "dangling prepositions", they are commonly and naturally used in spoken and written language, especially when forming questions, e.g. "What is this the cover to?" Examples: "I'm not sure who the book belongs to." "This is the address we'll be mailing it to ( Full Answer )

Is never ending with hyphen or not?

It depends on how you are using the two words in a sentence. Compound adjectives formed with an adverb plus an adjective are usually hyphenated when they occur before the noun they modify. the well-known dancer the never-ending lecture a fast-moving stream When these compounds ( Full Answer )

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Covered bridges were covered for a reason- they were made of untreated wood. The shed like cover kept rain and snow off the structural members, and made them last longer. When we began making bridges of steel, we no longer needed the covering.

Can you put a texturizer on the ends of your hair?

You CAN, but you should not because you will end up with differentcurl/wave patterns in your hair & they will likely break/burnoff if they've already been treated previously.

What can you put in your if you have bad split ends?

there is no way to remove split ends from your hair, but by trimming them off. You must trim your damaged hair every two months because the damage tends to travel up the hair and get worst over time, and it will eventually break off.

Is putting 'xx' at the end of an answer signing it?

Yes, it would be considered signing. Signing is putting a trademark of yours, your username, anyway to identify yourself, or other sayings like "hope this helps", "good luck".

Do you put an 's on the end of Mitchell?

The apostrophe s ('s) at the end of a noun is the possessive form. A possessive noun indicates that something in thesentence belongs to that noun. A possessive noun indicates possession, ownership, origin, orpurpose. Examples: Mitchell's desk is nearest the door.(possession) Mr. Mitchell ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you put a at the end of your word?

you have misplaced a preposition, which should go at the beginning of a phrase rather than at the end. An example is, (wrong) "Where is the grocery store at?" The correct way to phrase that sentence would be "Where is the grocery store?"

What do you put at the end of a present tense?

-ing. For example, exit would turn into exiting. * * * * * Clearly answered by someone with a limited knowledge of tenses! The -ing bit is true only for the present CONTINUOUS tense. I correct answers is the present tense. I am correcting answers is the present continuous. So -ing is onl ( Full Answer )

If a word ends in s do you put s'?

I assume you are referring to possessives. Possessives are not difficult, but there is wide misuse of the apostrophe in possessives. The possessive singular of all English nouns, regardless of spelling, is formed by adding -'s. In the case of nouns already ending in s, this adds a syllable to the ( Full Answer )

Who put an end to Al Capone?

In 1929, the Bureau of Prohibition agent Eliot Ness began an investigation of Capone and his business, attempting to get a conviction for Prohibition violations.Capone was convicted of tax evasion in 1931 and paroled in 1939. He died of a heart attack at home in 1947.

Do you put a period at the end of miss?

No, but you need to capitalize it. You put a period after Mr. because it is short for Mister. You put a period after Mrs. because it is short for Missus. But Miss is already a short word so doesn't need an abbreviation.

When do you put quotes at the end of a sentence?

Quotation marks have a very specific purpose, which is to indicate that something is a quote, meaning that you are repeating something that someone else said previously. For example I might tell you that my father once told me, "always drive on the right side of the road". Let us now think of the wo ( Full Answer )

How do you put and end to religion?

You can't unless you put an end to mankind or man himself changes significantly. The fact you want to end it could be dangerous, if religious people are not wrong.

How do you put the accent on the end of the word resume?

Usually you have to enter it from an available font on your system. You can't as far as I know enter a letter and then add a mark to the letter. While in your document, look through your fonts and when you find the one you are using you will find pretty much any combination of letter and mark. Yo ( Full Answer )