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if you have a 4stroke dirt bike you run straight gas ,if you have a 2stroke dirt bike you run mixed gas

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 02:22:55
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Q: Do you run strait gas in a dirt bike?
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Will a Honda dirt bike run on diesel?

If its a gas dirt bike it will run best on gasoline. If you but diesel in it it'll run rough and eventually die. if you mix diesel and gasoline in the tank the bike might run but you may have trouble with the engine in the future. Just don't do it.

What fuel does a dirt bike use?

Unleaded pump gas. I run 91 octane in my 525 KTM.

Why won't my dirt bike with the choke off?

Uh is the questions "Why wont my dirt bike run with the choke off?" Make sure hte bike is warmed up,give it a few minutes to run and feel the bike for some heat. Then slowly let in the choke and give it some gas if it starts to die.

What is the float on a 2stroke dirt bike?

in the carb theres a float for how mach gas goes in and out if it not adjusted rite it won`t run rite

What is wrong with a 4 stroke dirt bike that shuts off?

Check the gas line disconect the line going to the carb and blow on it or let it run some out of the line to see if its getting gas.

How do you run a dirt bike?

Sit on it, start it up and ride it.

What is the clutch for on a dirt bike?

To help run the thing right.

Can you ride a dirt bike as a regular bike?

The ride will be rough because of the knobby tires, but you can ride a dirt bike on pavement. If you intend to ride a dirt bike on a city street or a highway (which I do not advise), be sure it can match the speed of the vehicles around it. Also, wear protective gear. Other motorized vehicles aren't very forgiving if you run into them or if they run into you. ;)

Will a dirt bike crank when its low on gas?

yes it will crank, because cranking of the engine depends on the starting motor,it has nothing to do with fuel.But remember it will just crank not run.

What is the fuel gas mixture for a 65 two stroke dirt bike?

i use a 5 gallon jug and do a ratio of 40 to 1 its a little rich but will run good

How do you install a key switch to your dirt bike?

No matter what dirt bike you are riding you will want to install the switch via the ignition coil. Obviously based on the dirt bike you will need to find a convenient place for the key switch but make sure you run it through the ignition coil. Especially if you have both a electric and kick start on your dirt bike.

How fast can a ktm 300exc dirt bike go?

they will run approxiamtley 102 mph...

Can cops chase you if you run from them on a dirt bike?

hell ya! not a smart choice, happend to my buddy. he got a $500 ticket plus his bike was taken

What is the fuel oil mixture on a 1978 175 and a 1982 250 dirt bike?

You need to run one gallon of gas with 4 ounces of two stroke oil.That is a ratio of 32:1.

How fast is a 125 cc 2-stroke dirt bike?

with stock gearing should run 62-70 mph

Is it legal to drive a dirt bike in the park without a licence?

I don't know about the license, but it probably wouldn't be legal at all. The park would have lots of pedestrians/children, which could be potentially run over, and people would complain about the noisy dirt-bike racing around.

What are the dirt bikes goals and culture?

dirt bike goals are to wake up nehbors in the middle of the night ,run old people over and be like jermy magrath ,brian deegen and travis pastrana

How do you drain the carburetor on a Honda 100 dirt bike?

Hello, Jamison here, There is a screw in the bottom of the bowl, it will be at the very bottom on the side, it will take A Philips head driver, The best thing to do is, leave gas on, remove screw, then turn gas off, let it drain completely empty, then turn gas on again, then turn gas off, let it drain again, NOW reinstall screw,,,,,,,,, It will not hurt to allow the gas to run down on the engine,, BUT! You need to allow it to dry before starting the bike.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Good luck, Jamison

What is the best dirt bike boot brand?

the best boot brand is alpinestar but they are veryy expensive. they run way over 400 dollars.

200cc dirt bike motor how fast will it go?

Most 200 cc dirt bikes (2 and 4 strokes) with stock gearing will run from low to mid 60's. I have a 01 KDX 220 and run woods gearing of 13/48 and top speed is 67 mph.

How fast does a 250cc dirt bike go?

Depends on the make, model and gearing but most 250's will run between 65-75 mph.

What gas should you use in your suzuki rm 80 cc bike?

You should run 93 or higher

What happens have put 2 stroke oil in my 4 stroke petrol tank and now the bike wont start can you help?

Empty fas tank and empty carburetor, put fresh gas. It will be fine. Don't run it hard until all the premix has been run out of it because the oil added to the gas changes the "specific gravity" of the gas (physics term) causing the bike to run lean while oil is in it.

How old do you have to be to operate a dirt bike in Maine?

Actually any age is appropriate. you should check out the dirt bike races at 'Bull Run' in Greene, at 'Hemonds' in Minot, and Norridgewok. there are little little kids about the age of 5 that race around on little 50cc dirt bikes. I believe you need to contact a dealer for a safety class in order to register for such races. Maine rocks!!!!! WICKED

How do you get good traction on a dirt bike?

if your riding off-road let some air out of your tires i run about 8 or 10 if that dosent work get a softer tire