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Of course not! our parents rased us

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โˆ™ 2010-01-08 18:18:41
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Q: Do you think kids should be able to sue their parents?
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Why do parents not think there kids should have phones?

i think that most parents think that it is a distraction

Should parents be able to choose their kids friends?

I would think so because what if their friends are bad? I don't think so. After all, the parents shouldn't judge people by the kid's point of view. Some kids are amazing, but the parents see them as "thugs".

What age should kids be able to start dating?

I think kids should be able to start dating when they want to.

Kids should be able to watch WWE?

Yes they should. I think if kids can be trusted not to copy the moves they see on tv it will be fine. Their parents should watch it with them. They can fast forward it at bad or scary parts.

Should kids be allowed to Eminem?

i think they should be able 2 listen 2 eminem im eleven and hes all i listen 2 but its the parents choice

Why do you think parents shouldn't pay their kids for their teeth?

Because the kids should be responsible and not have to be paid

Should parents correct there children OR NOT?

parents should DEFINENTLY correct their children or the kids might think it is fine and do it again

Should kids have a hotmail?

Kids could have a hotmail if their parents let them. If their parents don't let them then no they cant. If there over 10 i think they should im 11 and have a yahoo

Why do parents think their kids should have phones?

In case of an emergency, so they can get into contact.

Should bullying be addressed by schools or parents?

Should bullying be addressed by schools or by parents? i think by schools because when the kids are at school it under the kids supervision and under there responsibility.

Should child obesity be aloud?

I think that that's the parents choice but i do think its wrong for kids to be like that.

Should kids be allowed to chew gum at school?

Yes I think you should be able to chew gum but it guts stuck under desks which is horribleHELLO!!!!!!!!!! I THINK THAT KIDS SHOULD TOTALLY BE ABLE TO CHEW GUM!!!!!!!! IT'S FREAKING' AWESOME!!!!

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