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Do you want to know a narcissist thinks?

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September 13, 2011 2:26AM

Im not sure how this works, first time using it, so i apologize if this looks like a mess.

I've been told in the past and recently that i might have this disorder, so i thought i might take a look online and see if its something that i should be concerned about. After reading a few people's post ive pretty much come to terms that i do almost without doubt have this disorder. I don't know a whole lot about the in-depth studies and research on this but i sure know myself pretty and how i think, and that's probably the best source since i live it. Im going to try to make this easy by posting some questions and the answers to them so you might find what your looking for a little quicker.

Do we think of ourselve's as basically gods and strive for perfection? - Yeah pretty much, that's what we live for, because anything less is unreasonable.

Do we truly care about others? - Yes and no, we are fixated on our own conquests and goals, and we tend to fixate on those things rather than the people around us, although they are important to us, we do not make them a priority in our lives because we are so deep into our thoughts and are almost willing to sacrifice anything for that cause.

Why do we cheat? - Because we need the attention and it gives us the power to feel like were in control, we feel entitled to that priveledge, we feel better than other men and therefore should be entitled to more than one woman. Also if we lack the support and love/attention from other sources, its possibly our replacement.

On dating narcissist: Are we mearly pawns in your scheme of life, or pit stops a long the way and not someone serious? - In a lot of ways, the answer is yes, unfortunately we are not concerned with you as much as we are concerned for ourselves. We can make excuses about why you are inadequate or undeserving of our committment and trust. We always want the perfect girl and feel we deserve it.

Why don't we admit were wrong? - Because being wrong disables the whole fabric of our soul, being wrong means you cant be the greatest, perfect and always do and think the best way. It's the hardest pill to swallow, it makes us feel extremely vulnerable and defensive to even suggest it. Easiest way to start an argument is to challenge a narcissist.

Why is my opinion never important? - In our minds we are always right, and you stating your opinion is declaring war on ours, we must be right or we are without a doubt wrong, and we cannot let that be. We must be right to confirm were more intelligent, and all knowing.

Why do i get disrespected, belittled and just treated like crap in general? - We have problems within ourselves that we either have not got over, accepted or upset us(our opinion on women general can be very negative). You are an ideal candidate for this punishment because we know you care, know you are affected, and know will be listening to us. We also do it because it makes us feel superiour and abuse the fact that you love us enough to stay and put up with it, makes us feel like we control it. We need that because it makes us feel worthwhile, and important. We also can do this because we are upset at your shortcomings and want you to fix them to be the perfect girl.

Do we ever tell the truth or just lie? - Im not sure about others, but im willing to bet we do or say whatever is in our best interest it is for us to say. We do not ever want to come straight out and say something, we want manipulate it enough for you to interpret it the way we want you to, so we will mold it until its satisfactory. I try and be truthful when its really important and i hate to leave a trail of lies, so i will in the end tell the truth but may hesistate for a little while.

Do we manipulate everyone? - Im not sure again about others, but from what im reading i think were all the same. We thrive off manipulation, not only does it give us probably the greatest power we can possibly posses, but it lets us control the outcome of situations, most people arent worried about being maniuplated or being taken advantage of and so its usually easy to do. I think most succesfull narcissist have to be fairly intelligent because this in practice has to be done with some well thought out strategy at times but becomes very routine.

Can we ever truly committ? - Not sure on that one yet.

Do we have any sensitive feelings? - Although were very cold at times and seem to not have a twinkling of emotion, we do. It's just something we tuck away, but we are not very unempathetic to others problems, most of the time we could care less because it doesent affect us and everytime we have done something bad, we don't really come to the realization until aftewards. I know i for one can be sensitive about particular things.

Well i think that's all im going to write for now, its very late for me. Maybe that has helped someone else out, or maybe that just answered the obvious, at any rate ill check back later to see what has come of it.


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