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1995-2006 will interchange.2007-2012 will interchange


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Not without adapters. They have different bolt patterns.

They will not fit without adapters. The 2004 has a 5 by 4.5 inch pattern. The 2010 is 5 by 5 inch.

2007 through 2010 are the same. 2006 and back are different.

Any Wrangler wheel will fit, the bolt pattern has not changed

No, sorry, the lug pattern is different.

Pretty much any other Wrangler, some fords, older Cherokee's It is 5x113cm, very common.

Yes those are both TJ's it will fit

Yes, the Rubicon wheels made for the 2003 models will fit.

Will not fit. Can use Wrangler up to 2006 only. 5x4.5 bolt pattern

1987 thru 2006 will fit your 2000 Wrangler, the bolt pattern changed in 2007

There never was a 1996 Wrangler. 1997 to 2006 will fit.

No, sorry, the bolt pattern changed in 2007

yj's have 4.5 tj and jk 5.0 thta's the lug pattern distance. no they will not fit.

all wheels up to 2006 should be a good fit.

No it won't fit properly. You need a 1996-2006 chassis to use for the 2004 bady.

Cherokee wheels will fit, they have the same bolt pattern, just be aware of the different offset JK wheels are 5x5 and will not fit a YJ which is 5x4.5

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