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How many years back will 2010 jeep wrangler wheels fit?

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2007 through 2010 are the same. 2006 and back are different.

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Turn the dial on the wheel hub to lock position. To unlock, turn it back. If you look at the center of the front wheels, you will see it.


The 1994 Wrangler DOES come stock with a spare tire mounted on the back.

The back wheels are the only wheels that actually move. The front wheels are the wheels that steer.

With modern tow trucks you can tow anything. -If it's a 4 WD and you don't want wheels to roll, they put a dolley under the back wheels.

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Some models and years have interchangeable rear wheels but by no means all.

Solar cars have 4 wheels but the 2 wheels on the back pull them back to make them reverse!

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form_title=Buy a Used Jeep Wrangler form_header=Jeep Wranglers are a great vehicle for enjoying the outdoors. What features are you looking for?=_ How far back are you looking to go?= () Under a year () 1 -2 years () 3-4 years () 5-6 years () Over 7 What kind of top do you want?= () Yes () No

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lug pattern is the same ( 5 on 4.5") but the back spacing - how far out the rim stands from the brake - is different, so wheels arent necesarilly interchangeable. lug pattern is the same ( 5 on 4.5") but the back spacing - how far out the rim stands from the brake - is different, so wheels arent necesarilly interchangeable.

The wheels at the back.

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There are bolts on the floor at the front and back of the back seat holding it to the body.

Once you remove the wheels they will pull right off, you may need to back off the adjusters a bit to get them to release, that is with a flat bladed screwdriver through the oblong rubber plug on the back side of the brake plate, I suggest you replace the shoes while you are there

the back of the tank is even with the rear wheels, the main portion is between rear wheels and back doors.

You will need a tool to wind back the caliper piston or a steering wheel puller will do the job.All the standard stuff choc wheels jack up front remove wheels .Remove the two bolts top and bottom at the back of the caliper remove the caliper remove the outer brake pad use the tool to wind back the piston all the way remove the inner pad and place new pads in replace caliper and bolts pump the brake pedal until hard and replace wheels .

I used a T40 on my 1997 Wrangler on the forward brackets of the fold-and-tumble rear seat.

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