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Does Chevy make a cavalier with power windows and power locks for a 1999?


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I don't knw do any of u's knw wt it is


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i just got my 88 beretta gt 2 days ago and it is great!to answer your question,yes the 88 etta gt does have power windows and locks

1998 Chevy cavalier with power windows are driver side window is down how can i jump the motor to raise it up thank you for your help

First check the fuse. Second check the switch. Same goes with power windows. A weak motor will melt a switch. If that fails ,connect a 12v power supply strait to the door in question.

Remove the power locks and windows fuse you will loose power for your windows also

Yes, it has power windows, which go out repeatedly. I've spent $900 now repairing those stupid windows three times since I bought my car in 2000.

In the back of a Haynes repair manual or autozone.com there you will find online repair manual's

I would not see any way of this working. Completely two different set-ups. You have the old Sportvan and are wanting to use parts from an Express van. To say nothing of the wiring, switches & relays to convert to power windows and locks with the right parts.

The cheapest is to get the parts out of the junkyard to do the conversion, or purchase an after-market kit and follow the directions.

Pw= power windows Pl= power locks

The fourth fuse in the interior fuse panel controls the power windows and locks on 2000-2001 Grand Prix. 25 amp silver fuse.

Power options: Power Windows, Power Locks, Cruise Control, Power Mirrors, Power Seats

Maxi fuse # 10 - 30 amp is for power windows , power locks and power seats

What do I need to do to take the door panel off a 1996 Chevy Silverado? Pickup has power windows and door locks I need to fix inside door handle

Mirrors Locks (MIR LKS). The fuse is for the power mirrors and power locks on the vehicle.

i have one myself..it does the power windows, power locks, etc

There is a Relay for the Power Door Locks, which I purchased today from Checker Auto parts, but I can not find where the relay is located. I am assuming or hoping that it is the Relay for both the Door Locks and Power Windows.

It is on your left hand side of the Instrument panel, you have to open the driver door to see the fuse box, but it is easy to access.

Yes, the repair procedure for power windows on Chevy pickups from 1995 to 2001 is the same.

It can be your battery, when it doesn't have enough power the computer will not allow you to use power stuff. It can be also one of the relays which are responsible for stuff like power locks, power windows and so on.

By pushing the switch on the driver's side door panel that locks and unlocks the windows.

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