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Does Condoleezza Rice ever have a date or an escort when attending White House or other social functions?

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Inquiring minds want to know... Best if you ask her yourself. Go to a congressional meeting, they are open to the public....

Or, why don't you apply to Stanford and take her class on political science?

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Entertaning guest and attending social functions.

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A female escort is a lady who offers to be a companion to another person attending a social event. This should not be confused with prostitution, although some persons who offer escort services are also prostitutes.

How can you use the word social in a sentence?

I can remember when attending the cinema used to be a social event.

What are the social functions of art?

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John, her escort, was chosen to escort her to the ball. The first use of escort in the sentence above is as a noun -- a noun is a person, place or thing. In this case it is a thing, an escort is a man who goes with a woman to a social event. The second use in the sentence escort is a verb -- an action word, doing something. To escort is the action of going with or accompanying.

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Obama studied international law, ecnomics, and social issues while attending college. Obama studied international law, ecnomics, and social issues while attending college.

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Based on our experience operating a social escort agency in Singapore (SecretEscorts), we have had women from all walks of life - from university undergraduates, corporate executives, models to air stewardesses. In average, these female social escort earns from $500 to a $3000 per day. However earnings vary from person to person, depending on each individual's charm, personality and commitment level. Some social escorts maintain their day job and provide part-time social escort services to supplement their income. It is generally a high paying job hence it is uncommon to see many leave their day job eventually to provide full time social escort services. Having a good relationship with a serious and established escort agency ensures that you meet the right clients which in turn gives you more confidence with your job.

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Who was the us sociologist who pointed out the difference between the manifest functions and the latent functions of social patterns?


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It will have news on events involving celebrities or special functions, like shows, charity events, film premiers, book launches, etc. where those celebrities might be attending. It may have news on the relationships of celebrities or other important people, like politicians or big business people. So any kinds of social events that involve well known people often get written about in social columns.

Who was the us sociologist who pointed out the difference between manifest functions and the latent functions of social pattern?

Robert K. Merton

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Socialism and feminism were popular political movements in response to the social question.

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To be skilled in social functions and clever in your interpretation of the interaction of social groups around you and their intentions and goals.

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Social psychology the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.

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